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I was over on one of the other stations site and they have a story of a guy that is associated with Sprague High School that is from Nigera and tried to move on the mother of one of his students he was sent to help with home school.

Seems to be all about sex

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Here in the US the age of censent varies by state. In Washington the age is 16, in Oregon it is 18. So what is the age of consent in Amsterdam.

I know the US has laws that prohibit its citizens from going to another country with the intention a fore thought to have sex with children.

Someone posted here that the age of consent in Mexico is 12. I don't know the details of this guys crimes bt if he had sex with very young children that is wrong. If he had what appears to be child porn were they 18 or 19 year olds that were made to appear younger? Look at porn from Thailand the 20 year olds look like pre teen to most of us. Yes we have all tried to appear younger or older than we really are at some point in our lives. Remember wanting to buy beer or getting into a bar.

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PARANOID!!!! that says it all.

How many of you girly men have actually be the victim of a physical crime.

For the most part people outside of law enforcement that carry concealed firearms are just that, they see the boogyman behind every corner and are struck by their own unimportance or is it impotence and you use the concealed firearm to enhance where you are lacking. Most of you tough guys would wet your pants or get your gun taken away from you before ever getting the substitute male organ out.

The 73 year old woman in England that went after the jewellery store bandits has a bigger set than most of you gun toters

If some one is going to do you they can reach out from afar and your male replacement will be of no value.

OK girly men you want to have a permit to carry your manhood in your pants then the information should be public to all who inquire.

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Free You must also be a reader of the New York Times as that was discussed in one of their articles about these goings on. Glad to see others read other sources.

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The requirement of a birth certificate to get an ID card or drivers license is great except, there should have been an age at which one was not required, just like other gradual implementation of DMV changes.

I personally know of an older woman that lives on a very meager income of about $800.00 a month. She has lived in Oregon for most all of her 65/70 years, she still has her first instruction permit issued in the 50's, her first drivers license and her OLCC card that was required to go in to bars back then. She is in very good health and is quite active.

When we asked her how her DMV experience went she told us the story, keep in mind that she does not have an extra dime to pay for an additional fee of something like $50.00 to get a birth certificate and then pay the DMV fee.

She now has no license but maintains her auto insurance and drives without a valid license to go to the store a couple of miles away. Like she said her ability to drive has not changed, she was even denied an ID card to make it easier to cash checks etc.

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A "spy" arrives at a border station without a visa and has spying devices on her. Yeah right.

Does Iran think the world is stupid.

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As more comes out about Butts I would say his last name is quite fitting.

The photo and comments seem to confirm that this POS should get to grow old on Death Row. 3 cop killers in Oregon alone the chances of execution are slight if history is an indicator

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This is a very sad situation in its entirety. In looking at the photographs of Butts and the comments from his mother it would appear to me that there is a family of nuts in his family history. Mother is not doing her son any good.

It is reasonable to believe that Butts shot the Chief, thus he will become 36 or 37th on Death Row when convicted, he can join the two recent additions.

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I just read over the posts on this topic and find nothing wrong with what is posted.

The poster expressed the desire that God have mercy which is normal and extended sympathy to the officers family.

The comment about the old west would seem to me to be a reference to gun violence where someone died and is not laying blame. You also have to consider the known facts at the time the posting was made things change as the media releases more info.

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Thank you guys.

You did your community service by stepping up at personal risk to come to the aid of another.

What ever you were doing community service for should be sent back to the court where the entire matter should be wiped off of your record.

I understand the community service for DUII but for no licence that seems a bit much.

Good Job and Thank you