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I would like to extend a wish to all who use this forum. Have a safe and happy Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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While I support the position of protecting all fisheries and the environmental habitat. I take issue with the way the tribes are described: "the basis of their economy, culture and way of life are at stake," "Their very being is dependent on these natural resources. They don't exist without them. From the tribes' perspective, everything is at stake here. Their backs are against the wall." "We ceded all this land to the United States for a contract to protect our salmon, our way of life, our culture. We're gatherers and we're harvesters. And they forgot about us," Frank said.
These statements may-be true for some tribes but not all Some are gathering vast sums of cash from Casino patrons while paying no state tax on any of it. And some are harvesting large sums of cash from tribe owned gas stations who receive 28 cents per gallon kickbacks from the state, paid from the highway taxes gathered at gas stations while we make up the difference in higher fees in all other areas of the transportation taxation system. I suspect to see these same gas taxes to increase in the next few years in an attempt to offset the giveaways.

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we owe 40% of that hand basket to the Chinese.

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You could start by eliminating some of those welfare PEZ dispensers that drop a new kid every year.

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That's exactly the way to start a conversation. Only dumb asses take out a student loan @ 6.8% My student daughter pays 1.2% in her 3rd year. Are YOU stoned or stupid?

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This is all such a pile of crap. The King wants to make an issue out of a non issue. The increase is only for NEW debit it is NOT retroactive. Second it is such a small increase it accounts for about $7.00 a month on average. Should these clearly under-educated students be so dumb as to vote for the King it will be the cheapest vote purchase since Clinton.

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And the lesson is: Gun control can be taught even to the young. Kudos kid your siblings owe you one.

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Wow. 6" in California. Wouldn't that put Al Gore's multimillion dollar beach front mansion under water. Ironic.

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And now his final prison till the day he dies. In isolation, constantly threatened, alone in the dark.

Then the welcome sweet surrender of death only to go to a place selected especially for people like him.

Your final game Sandusky and the score was 3-45.

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Not guilty. I would do the same thing.