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Well Dave, your grammar is an example of why they might close... Your opening line should have been:

That's not right!!!!

See the difference.

With that said, I do hate seeing a vocational school close as I am a graduate of Westfield Vocational High School, class of '84

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oil supply is at a 25 year high, so why jack up the prices?

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Here's a thought, put the f@cking thing together properly and your baby won't die. The next thing to be banned are cars since people don't know how to use the seat belts properly and people die...

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I can tell you are real concerned about "the little black kid", what was his name? If your cared, you would show him respect by using his name" Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover

But, with you, it is all about using an excuse to bring up racism. Thank you for keeping racism in the forefront (for those who can't figure it out, this line sarcasm at its best)

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Speeding caused the accident, but the cause of death was NO SEATBELT. Law says no speeding, but also states CHILDREN MUST BE IN CAR SEATS (until a certain size) AND STRAPPED IN.

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Come on you murderers, you have to step up your efforts, you only have 3 weeks left to get Springfield's murder rate up to at least 20. There must be some scum amongst yourselves you can eliminate for the holidays.

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wow, you must be my

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nice paychecks at that, with really nice benefits as well. I have always maintained that if the politicians were subjected to the save pay and benefits as the blue collar working stiff, thing would get done better and faster...

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If ya kill them, their suffering ends. If ya jail em, they suffering lasts as long as they do, not to mention maybe they will have the thrill of getting their butt holes busted!

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Obama is once again backing off of another campaign promise. Big whoop. The people who voted for him are complete idiots if they thought he could keep his promises. It is like me saying if you vote me in I will lose 100 pounds by next Friday.... and at a slim 280 pounds, that's not going to happen. Another funny thing about this article: "The deal means that taxes will remain about the same", so what's changed? If your going to make a statement like that, tell us what did change. On an unrelated note, congrats tp the weather department, your forecasts have been dead on for over a week.... pretty scary