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Hello, people!

It's nice to my own video featured in here, especially so close to the top. Anyways, you should totes check it out. While a lot of the videos here are more of first-impression videos, mine had a lot of work put into it and is one video I am exceptionally proud of. In fact, it may be my favorite video I've ever made for my channel.

But let's get the totally lame and shameless self-promotion out of the way. For those of you who have seen it, I'm open for discussion about it right in the EqG comments right here. So if you got any questions or comments and such, fire away!

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"create disharmony with their harmonies"

That has a nice ring to it.

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This 2 minute preview of a movie doesn't explain all the details of the plot! waaahh!

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I read the Rainbow Rocks book a long time ago, and this is the one scene that I was really waiting for the short of. Flim and Flam are just so much fun, even in human form.

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I must've missed that announcement.

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As one of the few people who's actually looking forward to Rainbow Rocks, I find this a bit disappointing. I thought it was going to be a summer release like the last one. But now my summer is devoid and without meaning...

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What about me? ;_;

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2 things to remember: At that point, Terik did not have assistance of an almost all-powerful draconequis. Also, the sisters were tipped off before Terik started absorbing all the magic in Equestria and became super powerful.

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I've said this before. And It seems I need to say it again. Everyone just remain calm. Getting angry and starting a mob will only cause more harm than good. I am sure that this is just a misunderstanding that the good Doctor will be able to sort out with Hasbro in time. Until then, please don't go on a triad and start writing death threats and hate and whatnot to Hasbro executives. It doesn't help anyone and you'll just make the whole Brony community look like a bunch of whiny twats (again).

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Even among the brony demographic it was at least moderately well received. Despite the vocal minority.