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“Build build build”; “Spend spend spend”. Johnson and Viv Nicholson, two blonds who are all fur coat and no knickers.

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It would be interesting to know how many of those who are tracked and traced are in care homes or hospitals. I suspect that given this is like shooting fish in a barrel it’s quite a sizable proportion.

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Well let’s see..

What didn’t go well

We went into this with 100,000 vacancies in the NHS
There was no contingency plan, at least one that could be implemented.
Johnson was not engaged at the start, couldn’t be bothered to attend COBRA and despite seeing what was happening in Italy we delayed. It’s axiomatic that if you delay by a doubling time the deaths will double. Everyone on SAGE knows this.
We had the PPE fiasco
We had the testing fiasco
We infected endless care homes by discharging uncounted and untested patients into them and caused thousands of unnecessary deaths
Despite being told that it wouldn’t work and opting for something competent we wasted weeks and millions failing to develop a ‘world besting app”
We have outsourced the the public health role of track and trace to kids on zero contracts on minimum wage and then wonder why it’s useless.
By making it clear that protecting Cummings was the most important thing to the executive, public confidence and support was lost.
We have the schools fiasco

What did go well

The furlough scheme has delayed the scale of unemployment
The army dis great work in setting up the Nightingale hospitals
it seems, that so far all least, the prisons have not become a problem

In its abject failure to deal with the public health issue has caused excess damage to the economy
The only things that we are world bearing in are excess deaths and economic damage.

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Thanks for that - it's really interesting. The original Imperial report was based on data comming out from Wuhan and Italy - there was very little data from the UK availabe at the time. If those numbers were different in the context of the UK, then the numbers that come out would of course be different and that does beg the question of what data and when was it availbale was used as the pandemic progressed.

edit: I should have added, that my original point that delay by a doubling time doubles the number of deaths still stands and the polcy response to that axiom is the crtical question still stands.

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He did not predict the numbers referred to in that article about an article.

In fact he did not predict a number of deaths ( except where no measure at all were taken and the number of deaths [500,000] is not contested as it is based on uncontested and very simple maths.)

And as the spectator article shows his estimates on BSE were indeed correct

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If you havnt read his papers how do you know what he did or didn't predict?

Are you pyschic?

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You obviously habn't read his papers - just admit it. If you has you would realise whty what you have written is so widely wrong. Much of his work is beyond the laymen, but his report on Covid which has been so influential is not. Or you could wallow in your ignorance and just swallow the spin that you are fed from convienient sources.

The same applies to his work on BSE 9as I have explaned ad nauseum and cant be arsed to repeat yet again).

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Presumably you have read and understood Ferguson’s papers in his model, so please explain where he erred to the extent that it is widely wrong.

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I agree with all you have written.

( except perhaps i can think of some very fine scientists that should be on pedestals rather than some rather vile racists)*

*I do of course exclude myself from both categories