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Please don't take it out on the good Doctor:

"In Dr. Seuss’s capable hands, “The Lorax” spun a tale cushioned by his sense of restraint and verbal dexterity."

Hollywood took it and padded it out and screwed it up - just like the live-action "Grinch".

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Oh, you young buck, you...

I'm so old, I grew up with Olan Soule voicing Batman in the old Filmation series and Superfriends.


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Getting older SUCKS.

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I don't want ANY Spam!

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If any of these awards ceremonies were "dignified", the Jennifer Lopez "dress" wouldn't have happened.

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Agreed! I believe McCain's biggest mistake was not standing up and saying, "I'm not voting for this overblown piece of lard they're calling a 'bailout', and I'll tell you why..." and then started listing the earmarks.

As soon as he voted for it, I knew he was done.

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The response will likely be the following: "There was no prosecution, therefore there was no rape".

Also known as the Polanski Defense.

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"Charming inflamed boil on the buttocks of the world."

- Charles Emerson Winchester III, referring to the 4077th M*A*S*H

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Our friend John Nolte tweeted thusly:

"Shorter @KeithOlbermann: It's not rape when #Occupy does it. It's getting your fair share."


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I could've sworn liberals and progressives were accepting and tolerant of being gay. So why are they using the term as a pejorative?