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Would like to point out that Alec actually put those pictures together himself(as I sent them separately) and added the writing on them as mine were sent blank.


KCCO darlin'

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#31 hahahahahahahaha

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Might have fallen in love right here.

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I don't understand why that's evil? He deserves to be happy and she obviously has something to bring to the table - also, you should "be with him now...." Rather than being upset about who he is or isn't with.


I just don't get women.

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I'm not heartless I have feelings too, I just choose to feel the ones that matter and don't make me feel like a bag of shit on a Tuesday.

Really come on, we should be posting uplifting galleries to make women feel BETTER about their failed relationships, not worse.

haha I just find it funny. Mind if I tap some maple out of the sap?

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This I agree with fully, it does take time and the right person - but in the mean time there is no need to grovel over what once was, I mean, really ladies, find some inner strength, have a drink, move on to the next and stop wasting your time weeping over what hadn't worked.

You're gonna miss the right one if you are too caught up in missing the wrong.

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Woe is me.

I'm going back to the Chive - thumbs down for the Berry.

Sappy Vaginas end up alone, just fyi.

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#23 I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. #12 I really do hope I am lucky enough to end up married to a man who forgets anniversaries as easily as I - who the fuck cares, unless you plan on calling in sick and spending the next 24 hours pretending to be rabbits don't bother bringing up the fact that we got married ___ years today. Sheesh.

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