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Which I for one greatly appreciate, because while I can handle blood with no problem, once the inner wobbly bits get involved I just nope right the fuck out, 'cause I'm a huge wimp like that.

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She came for Miss Spruce's very life, there, didn't she? In terms of pure, cold-brewed sass, it outranks Harry Potter telling Snape "You don't have to call me sir, Professor" by far. I honestly don't know who'd be prouder of her, Nanny Ogg or Granny Weatherwax.

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*insert evil cackle here*

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All right, so something occurred to me a few chapters ago, but I haven't had the energy/opportunity to mention it until now. I don't know how many other people here watch The Good Place, but I realized during the Feegles' conversation with Granny re: heroes that Jason Mendoza, aka Florida Man himself, would fit in perfectly with them. True, he's not much for fighting unless a Molotov cocktail is involved (which I think the Feegles would be equally likely to be seriously impressed or completely horrified by, given that it involves wasting a bottle of perfectly good booze), but he certainly has the right qualifications otherwise. Doing wild and ridiculously dangerous things of questionable legality that have an equal chance of destroying him utterly or being really forking fun and awesome? Shirt son, that's just a regular day for him. Cyhf, ur qbrf unir n tbbq qrny bs rkcrevrapr trggvat va naq bhg bs gur haqrejbeyq/Onq Cynpr...

Also, tell me y'all can't imagine the Feegles, Jason in tow, charging into battle with a mighty cry of "Bortles!"

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Words cannot express how much I loved this episode. It's quite honestly the best season finale I've ever seen for any show, and had I the energy I could probably gush for hours about it. Since I don't, however, let me just say that:

1. James Baxter is a fucking animation wizard.
2. Rhodonite's "Welp, we're cracked" comment nearly made me snort tea out of my nose.
3. Pearl's outfit has now achieved Peak Lesbian.
4. I'm so glad Pink Pearl was freed. She may still be missing an eye, but at least she's not being mind controlled anymore, and that's cause enough for celebration.
5. The Diamonds may not be fully redeemed yet, but they've each taken that important first step towards that goal. I don't think it'll be easy for them, but I'll bet it'll be an interesting journey, and I hope we get to see some of it.
6. This episode tied up a lot of loose ends, but there are still mysteries and plot threads to address, like the chest inside Lion's mane (as I mentioned in a comment above), as well as the fate of the Zoomans, the bubbled Rose Quartzes and the Famethyst.
7. On that note, I really, really hope we get to see Holly Blue's reaction to all of this, because I can't imagine it'd be anything other than utterly priceless.

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Not to mention the question of what exactly is inside the chest that's in Lion's mane!

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I appreciate Waynesbury and his cynical "what can you do" attitude toward tourists.

As someone who has lived most of my life in a touristy area of Florida (not as much as Orlando or Miami, mind, but Pensacola does have more than its fair share of tourists, if you ask me...), I felt an immediate kinship towards Waynesbury on the subject. I swear tourists to Florida immediately lose at least 50% of their common sense, inhibitions and survival instincts upon crossing the state line. Really, they just make us look bad, which is annoying because we're perfectly capable of doing that ourselves and have no need for outside help there, thank you very much.

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You win just for "the Nunning Dark." I almost snorted out my tea when I read that.