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I concur with the use of lowercase "g" when wrting about generic deities. However, when discussing specific myths - Thor, Pele, for example - I'll use the uppercase.

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@GodlessMonster - I disagree with your "genetic inclination" comment and would ask where your proof comes from. There are primitive cultures that have been studied that indicate interpersonal violence is learned behavior (see "Beyond War" by Douglas Fry, for example). The good news is that which can be learned can be unlearned, we just need visionary leadership to help make it a priority.

As for the Tucson shooting, I'll come back and comment after we learn more about the shooter's motivations.

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I've been involved with the atheist group on Kiva for a couple of years and have enjoyed seeing it grow as more atheists discover the site. I also loan mostly to women, knowing that women involvement in free markets is a primary contribution to peace where there is despair. Thanks, vjack, for spreading the word. I hope to see more of your readers on the Kiva site. (I also submit the occasional loan as part of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.)

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I say "gazania" as a way of acknowledging that I heard their sneeze. It's close enough to "gasundheit" if people aren't listening too closely, which they usually aren't. If they ask about it, we often get into a brief conversation about how silly some social norms and about responding out of awareness rather than out of habit.

I approach the "dick" issue as I would with anyone displaying belief in superstition. If they carry around a rabbit's foot or a cross, I might comment something like "How cute". However, if they insist I rub their rabbit's foot to avoid an unpleasant fate, I'll suggest where they can stick it.

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I'm hoping that by the time I'm ready to check out, the idea of "death with dignity" will have taken hold and there will be assisted suicide centers around the country to help people avoid the experience of accelerated decrepitude. Maybe next to Planned Parenthood centers so the protesters won't have to spread themselves too thin.

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The difference being that the art display was inside a gallery, and the nativity scenes the ACLU cares about are the ones outdoors on public property. Put your nativity scene inside private property, and I'll exercise my right to not look at it.

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Folden is an idiot. Anyone who doesn't like the display doesn't have to look at it. Jeezus!

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"Ditto" on the suggestion to get a cover.

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I got tired of waiting for the Kindle to become available and ended up getting an iPad last month. It's heavier than the Kindle, and doesn't have near the battery life, but I'm enjoying it as an eBook reader and also some of the free apps - I can view Netflix movies on it, for example. I'm enjoying the free eBooks, including "Common Sense". My first purchase is going to be "The Moral Landscape".

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IMHO, going out of one's way to offend people is choosing to behave like a dick. If that's how someone chooses to behave, it's appropriate that they also take responsibility for the results.