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Either let them go or have them in fully IMO. A Scottish independence referendum is likely to get public assent in the elections and its in the Conservative Party's political interest to cut away one of Labour's paths to govt by letting Scotland go, it would also save a lot of money. Few people in the rUK care for the union anyway.

Give the Welsh a simple choice, independence or abolish the Assembly. No halfway house, do you want to be part of a union or not? Abolish things like separate sports teams etc, everything should be under one banner if the Union is being taken seriously.

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The problem is none of that is positive and inspirational. We saw how well positivity did for Leave, painting a picture of possible greatness, and how badly Remain did with its staid, status quo appeal. Why rerun that campaign?!

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Why should gratitude be forthcoming? Isn't the point of a country that you're in it together, richer and poorer parts? I don't think telling them to shut up and be grateful is going to be a successful campaigning point for the Union next year.

The problem is that the Unionists don't seem to have any decent strategy long-term. I don't have one BTW and I've come to the conclusion that the govt should just allow them to drift off, which would massively shore up their political position in the RUK against Labour. Unless of course they can come up with a positive plan for continuing the Union.

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No mention of the net migration figure? Has that pledge been dropped again or can it be presumed that this figure will start to drop towards zero? Otherwise this article sounds a bit hollow.

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Sidestepping the trolls on this thread - from a PR and political strategy this is one of those stupid decisions that the govt doesn't appear to be able to stop itself from making.

Why create days of bad headlines and comments from across the spectrum (including Farage) when this would've been an easy win? They don't seem to have learned from the previous u-turn debacles.

Marcus Rashford is a great example of someone pulling himself up by his bootstraps - something the Conservative Party would usually laud - to make something of his life through skill and determination to the point where he's representing his country and hugely popular. On the other side you have Steve Baker...

It feeds into the Labour attack lines. Everyone knows you don't make things easier for your opponents, well everyone apart from the govt apparently! If money can be found for EOTHO, money should be found for this, if not on compassionate grounds then simply on PR grounds.

Shall we start a sweepstake on when the u-turn occurs?

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One of the people attached to The Lincoln Project (anti-Trump Republicans) suggested that if Trump stays in the WH after Jan 21st (or whenever the inauguration is) he could simply be arrested by the Secret Service for trespassing. Not sure how likely that is in practice though!

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I wouldn't say Trump is a friend either, otherwise he would've used some of his political capital to push a trade deal forward?

TBH I don't think a trade deal will be forthcoming even if he does win re-election, he doesn't seem to care that much about it.

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Yeah, I've really not understood why he continues to use such language. Why over-promise when no one is asking for "world-beating" and when all people want is adequate and competent?!

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Please stop.

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Indeed, the people of the UK wanted no-deal, its getting very tiresome that this is still being argued against. The govt will now use the tangible benefits from no-deal to show why they were given a large majority and should be given a larger majority in 2024.