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Fuck Glenn Greenwald. He's a pants-pissing little malcontent who'd rather be smug and self-righteous than back sensible, electable candidates.

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Most counties not along the border or in the South/West regions of the state are overwhelmingly white. Yet those are the ones where they fear the nefarious cartels. Down on the border, the rule is just don't go where they're at and they'll leave you alone. Cartel's a business; they want to sell drugs, not bring the law down on them. They're floating in money, so they bribe, not kill. The Zetas will kill, but not Americans, because even the Zetas don't want that kind of heat.

White racial STGs usually just kill each other; they're clannish and insular. Someone attacking law enforcement is very far outside the bounds of organized crime psychology. It's what a young upstart does to make a name. It wouldn't surprise me if these killings were done by young people trying to get in good with a gang, but I don't see many higher-ups in gangs rocking the boat like this.

As sad as it is, gang leaders have it made, whether in or out of prison, and things like this can upset their easy lifestyle.

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Not as soon as other states, but if we see a hard libertarian shift in the next few election cycles, it's possible.

If the feds act, much sooner. I can tell you that no one much cares about personal pot users, but the organized crime that surrounds pot is as bad as any, and that's the problem. Those people won't go quietly.

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Being a prosecutor is still pretty safe! But we are all taking precautions, and I hope I don't lose my liberocommie cred for this, but I do carry my handgun with my everywhere I can now and am extra vigilant.

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Truth to that. Most Texans aren't what you expect. It's just the loud ones in the Houston Chronicle comments section.

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It's cute how you think we get laptops. We mostly get paid in spare lunch meat and the knowledge that we do good.

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Ok, as a Texas prosecutor on the got-damn border, let me clear this up.

First, Kaufmann Co. is a suburban Dallas county. There is no cartel activity there. None.

Second, despite what the media tells you, cartels do not assassinate US politicians. They bribe them. They assassinate Mexican rivals.

Third, either this was a pissed off local with a purely local grudge, or it was one of the violet racist white power gangs of East Texas.

I repeat: this is not how cartels or the Mexican Mafia or Texas Syndicate act. This isn't even how the Aryan Brotherhood acts (normally). But far right gang activity is on the rise, recruitment is up, and as more and more of the old guard leaders are thrown into prison, young idiots will step up and do things like this to establish their position.

I would bet ludicrous amounts of money on this having no cartel relation.

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I thought you could only shoot blah people under that law.

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I don't see why they should get a pass. Round them all up, ship them off to somewhere in Europe (that's what they want, right?) and throw them into a pit. Toss in a few country music CDs and some meth and soon we'll be rid of that problem once and for all.