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HA HA HA at all of the comments about the female driving thing people. You know dang well that more than likely given the age she had her cell phone in her hand wasn't paying attention to the road. She was probably texing to her friends and "OMG"ing about the latest gossip. After the first time hitting something she texted her friends again telling her that she hit something and wasn't stopping. Then her next text went something like this..."can I crash at your place tonight cuz my parents are going to kill me when they see what I did to my car..." Just as she hits send, that's when the second crash happened and so on. WOW, talk about brains.

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It's too bad some people on the blogs can't seem to grow up enough to get past grammtical errors or find the need to nit pick the stories apart. Two peoples lives are now gone and that's what the story is about. Trish, we at work will miss you and know you won't be forgotten. People were saying that you were doing something you loved and you were doing it with the person that you loved. For someone that did not have any family to leave behind we ARE your family at work and you will be greatly missed!!!