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I think the former Board Chairman was a large contributor to the Democratic party, including Harold.

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Oh, ok. They were in the south end of the building, but I guess that's still the north end of May's Island.

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I'm not familair with this. What are you referring to?

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I thought heard fireworks outside this evening. Maybe I imaagined this? Could this be PTSD from my past combat defending the Constitution? Could this be caused by my trauma from the flood. No, I think it has much to do with the fact that I had to talk to not one, but five equally incompetent city employees today. No wonder I didn't play golf this afternoon.

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Over Under? When I played for the mighty Coe Kohawks, couldn't gamble.

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Dirty tricks? Like the last Mayor Pro-Tem using city staff and resources to run an election camapign?

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On this most hallowed and sacred eve of Houby days, where children of every color marched in the parade, and 80 year old women sold crafts, that there should be such rumors sickens my 80 year old heart.

The strip club abd skin head club you reference above has no place in the old Czech Village. It has no Czech origin. I have read it originated in Richfield, Minnesota, not Slovania.

Real Estate has always moved differently on 16th Ave. Ernie the realtor, and Ernie the banker have

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A tragedy. But, would a new ordinance have prevented this tragedy, or if we simply enforced the current code would this have the same result.

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Nazi storm troopers in jack boots! By the way, the ticket goes to the registered owner of the vehicle, UNLESS you are a city employee, then it goes to the driver. Interesting. I'd like some attorney to take this on a pro-bono basis, and ram this facist thing up their soup coolers

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I like Leo Greco. especially his timeless "Little Red Wagon".

Leo is a good guy, he raises a lot of funds for Camp Courageous. A good man.

Yes WMT Radio, Leo and Dan. Both good men. Not sure about this other fella you refer to. Never heard of him. I asked around, no one else has ever heard of him either.