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BAH HAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!!!!!!! that was a funny on the You don't call, you don't write. ;) . (giggle)

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Oh yeah. I had a 4S on 5.1.1 FOREVER and the screen went out on me. Got a new one. Here is a tip after restoring 3 times and having issues with reboots and safe modes. When you restore, DONT DO ANYTHING but run the standard apple questions on the computer, when you get to the hello screen on the phone, THEN run evasion. For me , so far, so good. Just DYING to get the tweaks back.

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omg El Pipo and my fav pic of a dog in the world !!!!!!!!!!!! YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hearing from ALL you guys just warms my heart. Seriously. I guess all my smack talking to others and jokes were warranted. How about TTKA1347 saying that it feels like a reunion of sorts. Hes right. Its just GREAT to hear from you guys. Just to update you all. Mom is doing GREAT, I STILL dislike having Apple trying to have thier hands around my neck telling me what I can and cant do and its a drag that there are so many tweaks that need to be updated. Oh well, we will get there. How have you guys been ? I have a statement to make to all of you..........................."I accidently restored my phone". BAH HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH !!!!!!! That was always one of our favorites. LOL. I will do my best to keep on the board and learn more as I go along. Long live the GFC. (for the noobs and sorta kinda noobs...........You all arent ready for the magnitude of the GFC. :)

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41 !!!!!!!!!!!! MY OLD KNOWLEDGEABLE BUDDY !!!!!!!!!!!!
So good to feel like I am back at home again.

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FRANKO !!!!!!!!!!!!!! D- TOWN !!!!!!!!! Great to see /hear you bro. !!!!!

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Look at my boys dhlizard, Frank55, 41willys, and slavakulikoff comin up and moderatig now!!!!!!! You should see the smile on my Face. Just to reminisce, remember when years ago, well with exception dh in my opinion, LOL, were just "sorta kinda" noobs and we were being led by the others and now YOU are the others. God what I would do with your knowledge now since I have been out for so long :( I am so happy for you guys.

So being that I am "trying" to make it back on the scene if you guys could help me out on silly questions it would be appreciated. Used evasion at 7.04 but but it seems like we are REALLY REALLY behind on updating cydia apps. Soooo we just wait. I remember the old days and man they were fun and funny. I hope you guys are wonderful and I look forward to trying to get back up to speed. Congratulations AGAIN dhlizard, Frank55, 41willys, and slavakulikoff. you guy deserve it !!!!!!! LONG LIVE GF AND LONG LIVE DEV TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HELLO MY OLD DEAR GUYS AND GALS !!!!!!!!!!!! dhlizard, Frank55, 41willys, and slavakulikoff. miss you guys dearly!

So I went ahead and moved on Evasi0n. I am thinking that it wasnt the smartest move in the world. I am being kicked into safemode, that I heard was adjusted today, apps arent updated to work on 7. I have had a continuous reboo over and over. The irony is that I HAD to get a new phone JUST YESTERDAY as my screen died and I was 6.1.1 FOREVER. LOL.

I guess the bottom line is that should I just restore and hang out until everything tightens up with all the bugs and pray that we get a red snow. dhlizard, Frank55, 41willys, and slavakulikoff again, miss you guys a TON and please please chime in on what your suggestions might be. As of now, I am so far behind the times with JB , I cant even tell you what an SHSH is. (kidding).

Best to you all and your famalies


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SLAV !!!!!!!!!! Great to hear from you sir. Oh, I have been "ok". Life has been........."life". Busy, overwhelming but as many have said, It could be worse. How are you sir ? Send my best to everyone

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(Humbly bowing to the man, the myth himself...........dh). GENTLEMEN !!!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, I have been more than scarce. I do have to say that I miss you all. Life has just I hope to, (and I really do), catch up with you all soon.

Best to all of you and you should know who "you" are.

Long live the Dev-Team.