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When I called to express my opinion I was told I needed to talk to DK, who never returned my calls. Ignore half the comments and you can make the numbers turn out however you want.

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I'm not sure how it is in your world but in the real world snow and rain do fall on the bike path. And when Jimmy wakes up to 8" of snow it reduces the probability that he'll ride his bike to school. When Sally sees the line of cars 3 blocks long she's more likely to alter her course and take another route. So the data is neither random nor independent, the two requirements that ensure a poisson distribution.

The fact remains that because of this experiment 100's of pounds of Carbon per year are being added to the atmosphere that wouldn't be be there otherwise. The fact remains that requiring bike helmets and enforcement of traffic rules would do more to protect bicyclists than all the plastic poles in the world. But you'll be OK since you normally wear a helmet when not riding the short bus.

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Show me the data!!

The data provided was collected on a single sunny day, with no rain, snow or students. This is NOT a poisson distribution as it violates the independence requirement. Obviously neither you nor any members of the TAB have any expertise in probability and statistics (yes I have a math degree).

I don't think the repeated head trauma is helping your logic.

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Look at the Living Laboratory web site. While they have several observations of different quantities, (i.e. pedestrians, cyclists,...) they appear to have taken just ONE SINGLE observation of traffic counts in each direction that applies to Folsom between Valmont and Canyon before the 'experiment'. How could the CC possibly make any informed decision based on the lack of data provided? If there is additional data they aren't sharing with the public they haven't been very forthcoming.

If they actually supplied real quantitative data I'm sure many Bolderites could provide interesting insight based on statistical analysis of the data, but with one data point it's difficult/impossible to perform analysis. You seem to know everything, what is the evaluation criteria?

Does your head hurt afteer so many face plants? Be careful.

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What is the goal for this project. If it's CO2 reduction the Living Laboratory 'data' (based on the single observation of 'before' data) indicates an increase of over 400 hours of car emissions per day. Now they are adjusting light cycles on Canyon to alleviate backups on Folsom, creating addition congestion (and CO2) on Canyon.

If the goal is bicycle safety as they now claim why aren't ANY of the pictured cyclist wearing helmets? According to NTSA over 70% of bicycle fatalities were related to head injuries and well over half of these would have been prevented by use of a helmet. If Boulder wishes to enhance bike safety requiring use of helmets would provide a huge benifit. Perhaps enforcing existing laws (running stop signs and red lights) would also enhance bicycle safety.

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Just quit your job and become a city consultant or massage therapist. As long as you keep your income low enough they'll subsidize your housing. Just don't try to advance in your job or it's back to the L towns for you.

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The problem is John, as an executive with Better Boulder, has a conflict of interest and should state that up-front. From the Better Boulder Issues and Positions section, "Better Boulder supports the proposed “rightsizing” pilot projects on Iris, Folson, 55th and 63rd street." If you're not being honest about your political motivations to your constituents then you deserve to be called out. Intentional deceit is not crafting words.

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It's curious that bike safety is the big sell on this project and every picture I've seen of a bicyclist they aren't wearing a helmet.

Sort of like the 'make sure you observe all my bike rights - as I blow through this stop sign.' attitude among the spandex elite.

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John Tayer doesn't represent the members of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce any better than he represented us as district-zero representative on the RTD board at the time he (along with his CC buddy Will Toor) pushed through the fasTrack fiasco on Boulders vote. John then quit his position on the RTD board mid-term (leaving us no representative) to take the Boulder Chamber gig. He's also a member of the Bigger high-density Boulder is Better (for our trust funds) executive committee along with right-size proponent Zane Selvans and Will Toor.

"Some are watching it and still monitoring it" Tayor Said. Do you get dizzy when you spin like that John? How's that fasTracks you sold us working out?

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Measuring 5 different quantities at 5 different times does not constitute 'at least 5 data points'. The statistical incompetence demonstrated by TAB and the city transportation department is appalling. Obviously actual demonstrable results were never part of their 'plan'.