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OMG! Losing to HAWAII?? Is this really a PAC 12 program?

I sense another [really expensive] coach contract buyout on the way, probably no later than mid-season. This seems to be the only thing that CU football is really good at.

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The Erie Airport seems to have more fatal accidents than other airports in northern Colorado. Is it a poorly designed facility or is the quality of the pilots or their aircraft not especially good?

Erie might want to examine its plans to develop areas around the airport in light of the apparent danger of living in proximity to this aviation facility.

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Legalized pot to go with great skiing. What a great attraction for adolescents! No wonder applications are up. It certainly isn't because CU offers a great education - it's decidedly second rate at best.

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Without Bozo Joe as mayor Erie has much better prospects in 2015!

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So how many coaches has CU had that have come in a failed (but got a big contract buyout anyway). Is it the coaches the Athletic Department hires, or is the problem the Athletic Department and it's leadership? Either way, too many coaches have come and gone for this not to be a legitimate question at this point.

I think based on recent history that even a top NFL coach would come in and fail at CU - Folsom Field is a Bohn-yard of the careers of good coaches.

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The Pac 12 was smart to add CU since it guarantees that any PAC 12 team which plays CU is guaranteed of at least one win per season.

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Another meth lab explosion in an Erie mobile home? Or was it hit by a [another] crashing airplane from the Erie airport?

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If you want to see winning Division 1 football in Colorado, you'll have to go to Fort Colorado or Colorado Springs. This year, next year and probably the year after.

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Let's not get too excited about "momentum" from the Hawaii and UMass games. Both those programs are at best very low end Division I programs and wouldn't be more than .500 programs at the Division II level. CU didn't have the romp over either that a major BCS conference program should've had and in fact almost lost to UMass.

CU is in for a very rough ride for the remainder of the season.

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This shouldn't be a surprise. Everyone knows that the Airpark residents are a very subversive lot, continually hatching nefarious plots to undermine government. The most notorious was their promotion and support of Joe Wilson as mayor.