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I agree Justin, just like Obama feigned outrage at AIG over the bonus issue... he comes out against all that his administration is advocating and plays the good guy, this works for all his fan base and that is all they are concerned with, as long as they keep them in the dark and feed them their daily cr@p then the little mushrooms will be happy and fat... the new administration is throwing smoke all over the place in hopes of overwhelming the masses with too much info and thereby everybody is scattered in too many directions and not united in one... when 'We the People" decide to just unite in favor of conserving the integrity of our Constitution then they will have a big problem, until then they proceed as planned....

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The whole Democrat vs. Republican debate is old and tired. For every corrupt Democrat there is a corrupt Republican. The whole purpose of this site and the above video is to educate Americans on the type of Government that our Constitution sets forth. Then each citizen should be inspired to move to action to see that our Constitution is upheld and that the Government serves this country according to the laws of our Constitution. To keep arguing that my dog is bigger than your dog is what has brought us to this point in our nations history. It is not a question of Democrat vs. Republican it is Over-reaching Government vs. Our Constitution, the winner will be decided when "We the People" stop being "we the democrats or we the republicans" and become "WE the American People".....

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This whole "regulations" ploy is not about money it is about power. It is yet another way to obtain the most power in the quickest way. They will always grab huge blocks of power by telling the American people that they are doing it to protect them from the big bad rich man. Obama's fan base are those who feel envy for anyone more successful than they are.. If they were concerned about "abuse" then they would go after the welfare program. The won't do this because the majority of their support would fall off the charts.. They already control that sector of America now they know if they gain control of the free market they will control the wealthy and the middle class. They are inciting a class war and they know it and planned it.. They want the welfare and middle class to hate the wealthy and then they will come in like some kind of hero's and stick it to the wealthy. What the welfare and middle class need to understand is that it is the wealthy that creates the middle class and it is those two entities that fund welfare... there is a large sector of Americans that would benefit from a 5th grade civics class.

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Obama won't accept his resignation because Geitner is doing exactly what he was put into that position to do i.e. the dirty work... he was part of TARP from the beginning. All of this supposed "outrage" by Obama and his band of thieves is just a rouse to get the American citizens mad at the wrong people. Any outrage should be directed at DC. Geitner's resignation should not be contingent on Obama. When the American people start deciding they are tired of being led around by the nose by politicians who have a personal radical Agenda they will start deciding who gets booted out. Geitner is doing what he was 'hired' to do and if you don't like what he is doing then you will have to start directing your outrage where it will do some good... you will have to go all the way up the ladder to the top, that is where this mess has originated and that is the only place to go to stop it. Remember what Glen Beck has told everyone; THEY WORK FOR US.....they are not put there by some hereditary KINGSHIP... they were hired (through election) and they can be fired...

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Mahr and Olbermann are just scrambling for some recognition. They are irrelevant and they know it. Of course they think Glen Beck is dangerous, all Liberal Loons fear the truth getting out and know that once the American citizens hear that truth then they will never tolerate the likes of Mahr or Olbermann or any of their radical ideology.

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No one is forcing them to move.. Read the post.... you live in any State under the laws that are set by a vote of the majority... If you do not like what the majority votes in then you have the choice to move to another State... Don't you know how a State Constitution is set up... It is voted on by it's Citizens..... What is stupid is not knowing that when a State votes on something, the majority gets their way.....The Federal Supreme Court has said that the gay marriage issue is a States issue to be decided by the Citizens of each state... what is it about that you don't get ??

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If those in charge cannot even get their point across without causing more division then I doubt they could debate race relations with any kind of beneficial results... those in office now need to just concentrate on learining to do the job at hand and leave any new ideas for someone with more experience at Governing....

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The whole point is that the citizens of each state has a right to vote and let the majority rule.... if you do not like the laws set by the majority of the Citizens in a state then move and keep moving until you find a state that has a majority that believes like you then stay there.... Even if a state allows gay marriage with all the same rights and protections as traditional marriage that means nothing for them Federally or in other state...

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It was reported a month ago that they would not get the puppy until April.... Something about Spring Break....

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Regardless of how you choose to type it, the fact remains that there was some huge protocol mistakes coming out of the White House last week.... First Obama and his administrations lack of experience with Heads of State and then Hillary and her staff's inability to find an interpreter... it was mistakes that would have been easily avoided if someone in this new administration had give a rat's azz..... Regardless of how Obama's fan base might not care the Country that was insulted DOES care.... All we heard was how important it was that the WORLD loved Obama and how he was going to restore our reputation.... Well if it matter during the election then it matters now... and I don't think he is off to a great start impressing the World on our behalf....