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The NHS has proved itself not fit for purpose. There needs to be root and branch reform.

Where has Con Home dug up these 'Heathite' wets from? Every day we get another weak, wet, semi-socialist non-Tory writing absolute tosh.

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Sunak’s Keynesian interventions are bankrupting our country.

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Sweden has had 660 deaths per million population, the UK 853 deaths per million population. Both countries are now having a slightly higher than average seasonal rise in deaths.

The point is that Sweden has done better or the same than most other European countries without the economic pain of the hard lockdown.

Social controls cannot stop an epidemic. They never have. That is the point Prof. Gupta, Ivor Cummins and Mike Yeadon and others with backgrounds in the Biochemistry of the immune system and viruses have been making all along.

This video by Ivor Cummins was published in September it is still valid today:

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There won't be anything left to pay for any 'leveling up' if we continue with the stupid lockdowns.

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I was going to tell everyone a joke about Covid-19. But I'm not going to since 99.9% of you won't get it.

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Neil O'Brien ignores all the evidence that PCR testing is not fit for purpose.
He is denying fundamentals of biology.
He ignores the simple fact that a virus with a size of around 100nm will sail through a woven mask when you exhale
He is deliberately ignoring the actual data collected the by ONS which shows that there is no real second wave in deaths.

The Covid virus is now endemic in our environment. No amount of lockdowns will change that. We have to live with it like we live with flu.

The idea that you can control an endemic viral illness through social controls is reminiscent of 1930s Soviet science.
Millions of years of evolution have given us a natural biological system of protection against viruses. Let it do its job.

We are destroying our economy for a respiratory illness that has a similar impact as the seasonal flu.

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The fact that a Government has imposed such huge costs on our country without thoroughly going through a cost/benefit analysis & impact assessment is nothing short of criminal.

Why doesn't the PM and the Cabinet get the data supplied by SAGE audited by the OBR?

Data is data, and the advanced statistical methods used analyse, model and present the data is standard (with minor variations) across all subject areas. The current presentations by the PM and his senior scientists are unprofessional and blatant in their attempts at propaganda. If I had produced such material in my job I would have been shown the door pretty quickly.

The use of the OBR as an auditor would provide confidence in the approach being taken.

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A return to the dreadful British Rail is not the answer.

Following privatisation, my regular service from north Essex into London improved hugely. Nearly 50% more rush hour trains run by two companies. Then the service was rationalised into a single monopolist provider and the quality of the service declined markedly.

The problem is not necessarily that of State vs Public provision, but the effective control of monopoly power.

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Maggie would have called the author 'a wet'. I'd agree.

Just remember what this economic nonsense did to our country in the 1970s. It needed a Margaret Thatcher to put us right.

We need another Margaret Thatcher today !!!

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I thought that politically correct tokenism was a Labour policy.

This bunch are not very Conservative.

I'm beginning to think we need an alternative conservative party again.