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This one?:
It's by BostonDanceParty I believe and I would link to their deviantart, but it Contains Content Not Suitable for Minors and thus is unavailable to me at this time.

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Yay Ireland! I'm so glad Mark Reads introduced me to these books.

...I'm really just here to complain about Unaccompanied Minor supervision. My first solo international flight was when I was 10, in order to spend time with my grandma before she died. I had three legs, two that were two parts of one flight and one from my home city to the nearest transport hub (a bit like going London-Dallas-LAX and then doing a mini flight to somewhere else along the seaboard.)
My first flight was the tiny my city to big city with an international airport leg. I was collected, shuffled into a REALLY boring and loud room full of UMs from toddler age to preteens (after 13, you're allowed, on some airlines, to fly unsupervised) and from there to the aeroplane. When I arrived in the next airport there was no one to meet me (because I had a connecting flight, in another terminal) So I, all of 10, followed the "International Connection" signs to the bus, showed my boarding pass, transferred to the other terminal and found my way to my gate. I told the staff on the gate that I was UM, flashed my bright red tag and was promptly ignored. It was only at the stopover, where I also had disembarked myself and gone through security again to come back to the same gate that a faintly worried member of staff asked me if I was a UM and then dragged me to another of the hell-rooms with the mixed bag of UMs of all ages. Huh. I bet Nita's parents are glad her UM staff were at least able to do their job, even if they weren't all friendly!

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I have sooo many!
I can't get Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise straight in my head.
Robin and Robbie Williams (this led to incredibly painful "wait, he's alive?" moments)
Also, Brits Frank Skinner and Peter Capaldi.

Maybe I have White Man Blindness?

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The Glass Bead Game. (I read the introduction, which was many pages on "this game is chess, but not and is BEYOND your comprehension." I think then I read a chapter?)
Really any heavily sci-fi book. I could deal with Hitch-hiker, because it's not really sci-fi at all. I just have no ability to deal with physics that isn't pure maths and I am rubbish at imagining mechanical things. Every sci-fi book I have ever read loses me around the first time the shape of the spaceship is described. So then, no matter how invested I am in characters, I just... don't follow the space bits. At least in fantasy the made-up things already have names. Most books don't bother inventing a new word for firebreathing lizard that can fly, they just say 'dragon' and my imagination provides a dragon.

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There is an official process that can be undertaken, wherein approval is obtained from Rome (the Vatican) for FILTHY HEATHENS (Protestants) to take Communion and by extension, literally anyone else can, because for some Catholics, Catholics>Non-Christians>Any other Christian.

My Aunt, who is lapsed, wanted not to have a length bit in the middle of her wedding where everyone sat, listen to nice music and then went up to have a tiny wafer and a sip of wine, and she was marrying a Protestant, so she went to our priest and said, I don't want the first thing I do after I marry my husband to be going off and taking part in a ceremony he's not allowed to join. Priest said "fair enough" and she thought she'd escaped mass. Oh no, he duly wrote to the Vatican, got permission, lovely, long, tedious communion for her!

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With the trains - thetrainline is great, but sometimes the more straight forward direct from source National Rail website ( has better deals, with ticket-valid-this-service-only type tickets.

I think a Patreon perk for video watching is great idea - that way you'll get a more regular monthly income, rather than fluctuating small amounts?

Good luck with it all, I hope I get to meet you in Europe.

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Maybe it's a magic-identity thing? Petrified wood is basically a wood fossil, so in terms of materials it's made of stone but magically it's still wood? So the power in it is still green magic, not stone magic? Like how Briar can draw green power into and out of processed wood, he can do the same with petrified just super long term... It would be interesting to see what his reaction would have been. Maybe if Evvy touched an animal fossil she'd go "oh no, it's animal, not mineral, it's not me?"

...I have just described the magic in this book as a massive game of "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral," haven't I?

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Makes sense - though that raises the question of why their intervention in the land of death cleared the pneumonia, but not the effects of the seizure. What are the limits of physically dragging a sentience back from the next world? Do lost limbs stay lost? Does it just clear the direct cause or underlying problems - we will never know, because it's clearly a scary, dangerous thing to do!

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Yeah, I completely see that - my base impression is that from a narrative point of view, your standard secondary infection pneumonia, going-gentle-into-that-good-night, completely undramatic death doesn't work. It can be hard to pinpoint an exact moment of death and Briar wouldn't have woken up if she hadn't had a seizure, so he would have missed that moment and not have leapt in to save her. I'm not sure of the stats regarding how common seizures are in end-of-life scenarios like this one and I'm not saying she does have sepsis, I'm just saying in severe pneumonia it happens and that death in those cases is more everything going at once instead of a discrete moment. With you on all of the bluepox stuff. The rot13 I mentioned above makes me more skeptical about the seizure; vs vg jnf n frvmher jul vf rirelbar abj pnyyvat vg n fgebxr? Jung'f tbvat ba? Jul abg fnl frvmher-gura-fgebxr? Jul punatr gb fgebxr ng nyy, fvapr vg'f aneengviryl zber zrffl.

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I'm not sure I agree (also not a doctor) - seizures, especially brief ones aren't closely associated with brain damage. It's not the same as a small part of the brain dying due to lack of oxygen; seizures are rapid misfirings of neurones in one part or all of the brain. I assume Rosethorn had a grand mal (because of the size of her convulsions) but even then I'm not convinced the damage was due to that as opposed to the land-of-death thing. There are studies that show seizures cause damage - but more link them to prolonged suffering, as in epilepsy, not isolated incidents.
We don't really know how time works in the land of the dead or even if it occupied much time at all or what happens if/when you bring someone back magically. I'm tempted to say you won't get severe damage from that sort of thing. Maybe the four being linked to Rosethorn allowed their magic to protect the body (they certainly burned out the pneumonia) and keep it 'alive' and functioning normally until her consciousness returned. - Which would make it more of a coma than a death.
Rest of Emelan Spoilers:
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