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Can any of the 912er's here in Cali please campaign and get this woman out of office. Please take Boxer, Waxman and any other crazy liberal, marxist "representative" with them. I'm not just talking about Dems. Arnold, you listening here.

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The question about the Harvard professor was a plant. He only called on that reporter because he knew he was in trouble. Another non-blabbering speech from the TOTUS, then all I heard was uh, uh, uh, I inherited this from the last president. As for his Health care, I don't want it, no one I know wants it (I know a lot of dem's). For any one to state that "American's" want this is a complete lie. I found it truly funny when he tap danced completely around the question of will he and congress except the same plan they expect American's to "take". They know it sucks and will not accept this form of health care. Yes, health care needs reform but the reform we need is for the government taken out of it. Let the doctor do what he/she is supposed to do, treat the people. You know, health care.

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Everyone, in my opion give up on the Federal Gov.. It will only act in it's own self interest's pretending to be acting for "the people". This fight must be taken up at the state level. The constitution gives the states all the power. Contact your governor, your state rep's, everyone involved with your local government. Tell your gov. to pass a law that if any federal law is passed by the idiot parade in D.C. that is not in line with the constitution, your state does not have to adhere by it. Plain and simple. We can continue to call, fax, phone our U.S. representative and they are clearly not listening. Take the fight to the state level. And it's time for Senator's again to be selected by the state governments, not popular elections. Again, the constitution had this right. Senator's were to only be selected by state governements, politicians put in place by the people of that state but the idiot parade in D.C. changed that and now look at what we have (Harry Reid ring a bell).

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Let's take away's the Goverment's benefits and put them on the same plan. We'll see how fast that get's voted down. While we're at it, let's take away all their other "privileges". No more lifetime pay for serving one term. No more collecting S.S. when never paying into it. No more "privileges" at all for falsely serving the American people. If I quit my job today, will my employer pay my salary and healt care benefits for the rest of my life. I don't think so. Do I want health care fixed, yes. But our current system is not broken, it's bogged down with burecratic b.s.. What will gov. run health care be bogged down with?

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Please list your sources for this statement. From my research, it's 65-75% DO NOT WANT GOV. HEALTH CARE in any way, shape or form.

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Overload the system. This is the new mantra of this administration. We have to realize now that the house is completely and utterly useless. Vote all of them out of office next year. Everyone. Their all worthless. I'm sorry for not having a link to it, but everyone try and find the following article on line, "545 People" by Charlie Reese. We have to hope (I know, we're running out of this) that the Senate will do the right thing with both Health Care and Cap n' Trade. If both of these pass, America is cooked. I never thought I would see something like this happen.

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Great post OklahomaBound. I have said the following on this site many times. This administration is on a 12 month plan. They are forcing all of their agenda down the throat's of America as fast as possible because even they know in 12 month's even their most loyal subjects will have turned on them. As Glenn states, they are over loading the system on purpose. It's the only way to get this agenda passed under our noses. Along with having people of congress give up their health care insurance with this bill, they should have to give up all their other privileges like collecting S.S. w/o paying into it, lifetime pay even if only serving one term. These "privileges" are ridiculous in the first place. Where else do you get these type privilege's from an employer. As I pay their salary, I revoke these privileges from them.

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We need a constitutional convention for one thing only. Let's change how congress works. No more lifetime pay, health care, etc. for only serving one term minimum. If you serve for 30 yrs., then you are elgible for retirement and can collect your privilege's for the remainder of your life (like the private sector). Say you serve one term, once your out of office, your privilege's end (like the private sector). Go out and find your own like the rest of us have to do. If I'm fired today, will my company pay my privileges for the rest of my life. We all know the answer to that question. Why should people in congress get lifetime privileges. Maybe if they have to truly work for the people (their job), they'll perform their job correctly and earn these privileges they so casually give themselves thru trumped up laws.

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I have read 4 books about Iran and it's leadership. I am no expert but I have a little bit of knowledge on this subject. This people are fanatics. There's no other way to define them and the fact that this administration want's to sit down at the table and talk with them is unacceptable. Israel is the little Satan and we are the big Satan. Iran's leadership has one goal. To wipe both Satan's off the map. I support Israel and give them full authority to defend themselves by whatever means necessary. If the administration continues to not support Israel, we the people must. With the last election results in Iran, this administration should know who is in charge and who will stay in charge in Iran. And they must know what these people's intentions are w/ nuclear "power".

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It really is a point in history for this great country that if the people don't rise up, the country will be lost. The Cap n Trade bill will give the US gov. total control of our lives. It is the last nail in the coffin for this country. I live in Texas and have been contacting my congressman every hour in regards to this bill. I have been assured by his staff that he will vote no on the bill when it comes to the Senate floor. But I do not trust him because he is a politician with his own interest's coming first for him. If he does vote yes for the bill, he will be out of office because I will spend every penny I have to get him out of the office. Folks, make a decision now. No more typing words on this site. Get up, do something. No violence is needed. Phone, fax, e-mail, write, knock on their door. Whatever you feel comfortable doing but start doing it now. Some people still say that they cannot make a difference. Yes, you can. You just have to believe that and get out there and start doing it.