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I see election year static here more than a serious case.

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That's one debate for every percentage point that Onorato will lose by in November.

Just like RINO Ridge rolled over the Dems I have no doubt that RINO Corbett is a sure winner in this year of the "Obama Repudiation."
Voters "in the middle" will send Corbett to Harrisburg because I won't be voting for him just like I didn't vote for Ridge when he won twice.

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There aren't too many "heroes" in our legislature. I don't even fully trust the Metcalfe's and Rohrer's, much less the rest of the RINO and Dem lot.......

The bottom line is party leadership (caucus) control of individual members.....

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Considering that both AFSCME and PSEA government employee unions were behind the "reform" that passed 192-6 and no doubt will be signed by Ed Rendell in the end, we can rest assured that this legislation is junk.

PSEA President Jim Testerman will no doubt praise this as a victory because the legislation heads off attempts to do what really needs to be done with government employee pensions in Pennsylvania.

That is to convert the pension system from the defined benefit kind we have now to a defined contribution system (401 K).

I guess this "reform" is just designed to park the pension system to allow further financial decline and collapse. Then the federal government will come in and take over the pension system????????

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Each individual has to set their boundaries and stick to them and live by them.
That's where I come from.
I have to work inside a school building with students, other staff etc.
Too many of my colleagues are living by lower standards than the ones I live by.
That is my deep concern.
It was nothing to do with 'Gay-Straight' as much as it has to do with what's right and wrong. 
Are we here to use our bodies and minds to exploit other human beings sexually or are we here to use our bodies and minds to serve other people in a spirit of giving and love?

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Too much money is being spent.

Cut it back to 25 billion dollars.

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Rick Santorum is a stalking horse for Mitt Romney who's job is to undercut Sarah Palin or Mike Huckabee or anyone that happens to be in Mitt's way by splitting off conservative voters so the more "mainstream-common sense conservative" as in Romney can win.

That's the way I see it.

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These moves especially juggling the employer contribution into my retirement system from the school districts look like band aids on the dike.

New hires are affected only for the rise in retirement age and lengthening of vesting from five to 10 years. Act 9 in 2001 lowered vesting from 10 to 5 years in the PSERS.

Act 9's changes need to be rolled back in their entirety and frankly should apply to current employees like me.

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My union president, James Testerman, has reminded the PSEA rank and file of the "contractual obligation" for the pension system to be funded.

He has said that the politicians are blowing smoke on this issue but in the end the money will have to be dished out by the taxpayers.

Its time for some dramatic action that goes beyond the simple changing of the system to a 401K for future hires.

Act 9 0f 2001 with the 25 percent pension hike and only a 20 percent increased employee contribution was dead wrong.

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Emissions testing is bad enough. The environmental agenda is when one cuts through the crap sort of a slow motion attempt to take our cars away from us and force us onto mass transportation for the sake of "sustaining the planet."