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In other words, now that the current crop of elite "got theirs" they are going to use the power of government to squash free enterprise, so that these "global elite" stay on top without competition.

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Freakin Borg is what they are trying to become. If these freak shows push too hard, they'll see what insurrection really looks like.

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Isn't Katie Couric the ignoramus who provided the "great unwashed," as she recently referred to us, a glimpse of the elusive Granny Skank Ho dance?

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And you guys wonder why we no longer trust the old "legacy media" such as your "news" station?

Your station's credibility is completely shot, especially if your management continues to employ those two partisan hacks at KTVA's political headquarters.

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Future? What future?

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Sounds like this: We have to pass this bill before you know what's in it. - Nancy Pelosi

Typical Democrat Party Lackeys.

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That's the first time he ever told the truth in his stinking life.

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Look! It's BARE Man Pig!

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They figured it was just real footage of a real part in L.A. with celebrities like Lindsey Ho-han, Paris Hilton, etc. and would be more appropriate under the "Documentary" category of film.

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Experts: US oil spill could destroy 100,000 jobs

Which is still nothing compared to the number of jobs GOVERNMENT is destroying. - Common Sense