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Who cares? You can go in front of a firing squad in a wheel chair too.

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This is why, in my opinion, getting X politician fired or hired, or stopping X bill from passing into law is a waste of time. Our masters let us make noise and act like we are angry to pacify us. They may even give us the illusion of winning every once in a while when we get close to the boiling point, but they remain our masters and we allow it.

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Simple answer to this. Instead of targeting individual politicians or agencies, look at the bigger picture. What are the problems we are facing in America today?

- Corrupt political system
- Corrupt economy / monetary system

I'd argue that both are beyond repair and any "fix" we try to make will only be temporary at best and at worst it will make things worse. Now you look at how those to problems function.

- Political system is an easy one, the american people willingly give between 30% and 60% of whatever they earn through their hard work and ideas to the government to and ensure the common american remain nothing more than a serf (albeit one with a flat screen tv).
- The banking system is a more difficult nut to crack, it will require a the cleansing of the political system before anything can be done.

Once enough people wake up and realize that they are nothing more than 21st century peasants that willingly let the parasites in government suck them dry we have a chance to really change things. Government puffs itself up and makes itself look important, but there is very little they are needed for.

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In case anyone was having a good day, I'd like to let you know you owe the government and extra $950 for the month of October. Of course that is excluding interest you'll have to pay and assuming you work.

What the &*^% could the government have to borrow $633 for every person in the entire country on?

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I don't know the context of the original question so I may be off base here, but...

Whether they did that openly or behind false promises and empty rhetoric doesn't matter. Know matter who was in charge the US debt continued to rise unsustainably. No matter who was in charge the value of the $ dropped exponentially. No matter who was in charge American men and women are sent over seas and put into harms way for causes that would have little if any affect on American domestic life. They have all helped dumb down the education system so the children and young American's don't learn the real history or even real science anymore. They all created policies that directly or indirectly negatively alter our individual liberty. Bush was a republican and he approved the bank bailouts. So did many R congressmen didn't they? What about the S&L crisis in the late 80's?

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Thank you for speaking some sense.

Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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What happens to the local government's when they lose 10% of their property tax revenue's? Taxes on private property would be forced up, putting more pressure onto homeowners and putting more into foreclosure, which would make the whole cycle worse. Private homeowner's lose, city / county governments lose, taxpayers lose, government gains more "assets" (which will be worth much less than they make believe) to borrow more money with.

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Didn't see anything posted about this but it has some major implications.

Fannie (bankrupt and supported by your money) will start renting properties back to owners who foreclosed on them. There are so many things wrong with this I could go on for days, but there is one thing about this that needs to be concentrated on. GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER.

What happens when (if) Fannie is Nationalized? Local governments can't tax federal property can they? Freddie also has a similar program and together they the majority of home loans in America, where does this leave us?

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Kheta, ask yourself this question. "Who gives you your God given rights?"

Unless the answer is Obama, then whatever piece of paper he signs doesn't mean squat unless you choose to let it. Right now this country is bankrupt, delusional, and still thinks it is untouchable. Just take a look at what is going on right now, economic collapse is only a matter of "when", currency is going down with no bottom in sight, people are losing jobs at a higher rate than anytime I can think of, whole governments are collapsing in eastern europe, there are riots already springing up all over the world, I could go on and on. in my opinion a POS treaty Obama signs means absolutely nil at this point in time.

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No they won't. Obama can't give anyone freedom and he can only take away someone's freedom if they let him.