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(ignore the down thumbs, scars from battles at Wonkette) Look at the photo. Where exactly is Brock's left hand?

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(Ignore the down dings-battle scars from torturing the Wankettes)

>>Some are arguing “cracker” is acceptable within the context of Florida<<

WTF?? "Nigga" ia acceptable in some contexts. Just imagine if Martin had used that term...which is on par with "cracker"

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*ignore all the down dings...battles scars from Wonkette*

Hmmm...someone needs to look deep into the ties between LINK and a firm called SDKKnickerbocker, one of whose Managing Partners is Anita Dunn. It's loaded with a bunch of other assorted creeps and scumbags.

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Ignore the down dings...battle scars from Wonkette.

>>Boehlert and his ally, perennial Loesch gadfly Adam Shriver, claim that the story about alleged Obama mistress Vera Baker has been “debunked.” <<

The Vera Baker story has been denied...not debunked. Huge difference.

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(Ignore the down dings...scars from fun times at Wankette) Joanie Walsh at is all, like, mad and stuff at Dana. Hmmm...check out Zombietime and look at the pics from Folsom St. Fair (*WARNING* VERY VOMIT- INDUCING AND DEFINITELY NSFW) in SF, which is where Joanie huffs and puffs from. Why isn't Joanie, like, all mad and stuff about what those guys are doing to Toilet Pig? public, and with city of SF okay

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Barkin said on Twitter that she is flying out to LA to film an episode of Modern Family. No doubt she will be playing the part of the drunken, promiscuous great-aunt.

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(Ignore the down dings...battle scars from Wankette)
So, being gently escorted to the curb is police brutality if one is an effete, yet talentless, celebrity.

I think the woman is just lashing out because she's getting to old for even the "washed-up, over-the-hill whore" roles

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Dana, this is hilarious. The left would try to crucify any conservative male caught in a Hooters.

BTW..I had a mildly naughty dream about you last night. I really did.

...but don't tell my wife

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There is no justice in St. Louis. remember when the St. Louis County attorneys threatened to prosecute anyone who they say was not telling the truth about Obama?

In the Age of's the government against the citizens . We're on our own people. Take ALL precaution

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(Ignore the down dings. Those came from my adventures at that cesspool known as Wonkette)

This just means that it's literally open season on black conservatives. The left can hurl racial epithets at them, the left can literally beat them nearly to death, the left can literally threaten to lynch them-as they did with Clarence Thomas...all w/o consequences. We are returning to the days of Democrat terrorizing blacks, especially conservative ones.

All throughout American history, Democrats have literally gotten away with murder and persecution of blacks.

I recommend they avail themselves of CCW rights. These freaks on the left are out of their minds