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You probably mean "you're" an idiot? Way to start the name calling, it sure gives credibility to what you have to say.

Like I said, the truth will become known.

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Really sad, regardless of the circumstances - a young man has died WAY TOO young, even though "people die every day", they don't at this age.

My son is away at college too (UMD) and this is a family's worst nightmare, makes me sick, in fact.

I'm going to go and call my son for a check-in.....

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Go get 'em Jeff, you have a heart to seek justice for these innocent boys/men assaulted by powerful people in positions of authority despite their big name attorneys trying to rebuff and discredit the accusers. I admire your strength and determination to make the truth become known.

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Well said, Newcraft.

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Ooops, a typo, tar & feather me.....it should have said "this *whole* alcohol trap".

And yes, unfortunately, I read what you posted.

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rofl "stop every 10 feet to pull up his pants".....omg, hilarious.

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Really? And when was the last time someone you loved was killed by an innocent drunk driver caught in the "who alcohol trap"? There is NO reason to drive impaired - PLAN A SOBER RIDE BEFORE GOING OUT, period. Don't minimize what he has done, it shows EXTREME poor judgment and disregard for the safety of innocent people.

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Oh come on now - all the cigarettes are flame proof, right "oh mighty government intervention lords"?

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WTF is with our system??? I'm SOOO frickin' tired of seeing the news of their "11th DWI", "4th DWI", etc.....has ANYBODY out there figured out that what we're using for punishment ISN'T WORKING?? Geesh, it's unbelievable!

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Oh my gosh, so they froze to death? How absolutely horrible!