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It's an arcade...something tells me they don't have a bar there, and that they usually don't take issue with having unsupervised teenagers either. So in conclusion, one of the owners is being a dick.

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sad thing is there are 13 scheduled episodes who are all scheduled to be 22 minutes long, and it's already been said that the season finale is not a two parter.

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Pinkie Pie did the same thing at the end of the Smile song with all of her friends, but I don't see anyone calling her out on that.

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After the Watergate scandal in America, the suffix -gate was added to a lot of major controversies since.

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Am I the only one around here who doesn't hate Mysterious Mare-Do Well? I'm still trying to understand why people hate that episode so much.

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Actually none of those names are owned by Namco-Bandai, they are all common enough to be considered public domain.

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comixology has a kindle compatible version they just released today.

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I looked it up, he did both of those voices plus Filthy Rich as well...he seems to do all of the rich person voices in this show.

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Tabitha St. Germain didn't do Zecora's voice(that would be Brenda Crichlow). She did do the voices of Mrs. Cake and Derpy Hooves though.

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Yes, an indie developer who publishes one DLC to his game half a year later, and then makes that game a part of the Humble Indie Bundle, and then sells it(and it's DLC) as part of the Steam Summer Sale for 75% off is clearly a greedy company....yeah.