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In regard to the drowning incident in 'Sum of This, None of That', I have to go with 'None of That'. Honestly, if anyone should be charged with a type of negligence it should be the people responsible for watching the child in the first place. It's negligent that a two year old made it into the neighbors backyard without anyone noticing until it was too late.

I understand that housing ordinances and building codes are put in place to prevent incidents like this, but we're not even talking about public property here. I think Shannon hit the nail on the head saying Ampalam should have to pay a fine, because there wasn't a fence up, but I think negligence falls into the hands of the parents. Either that OR both parties should be charged with some type of negligence. In the article linked, it also points out that his home had been undergoing renovations. If I'm in a position as a neighbor and a mother, I'd make it my business to keep my kids away from those areas.

Really, the only thing in black and white is the law. I wish the family and the property owner the best in such a sad situation.

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Chris does need to shut up, in general. I say that because it's how many years later? ...and he STILL doesn't know how to properly ignore folks. HOWEVER... When people like Brian McKnight purposely throw others under the bus to validate themselves, it makes it hard to be angry with Chris for lashing out. He's minding his own business and here you go (Mr. McKnight) vilifying Chris, R. Kelly, and Mayweather(?) (I'm assuming for that last one) for what? To make a point? No sir, mind your own business and deal with your own recent string of sh*tty music. Don't bring others into the fold to make yourself (or others) feel better about the musical mess you've made.

Either way, Chris needs to operate by that 'sticks and stones' mantra because those opinions of him aren't going anywhere. He can either live with it, or let it eat him alive.

Mr. McKnight, the man who wrote the classic words, "Do I ever cross your mind, anytime? Do you ever wake up reaching out for meeeee?" With all due respect: I need you to get it together because we'll always be here for those classics, not this new stuff.

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I love the song, T-Pain's influence is heavy, it's a good sound for them. I hope the Nappy Boy Records move works out for them, I like the group.

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She said 'are they black, white, or latin.' I still don't get why it matters, but she did indeed ask if they were white.

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HAHAHAHA! Jia I was cracking up when I read the actual post. I could never put my finger on who he looked like.

Anyway, I didn't even watch the video, that title alone turned me off. Plies is a mess.

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I concur, it's nice to hear that from a rapper. I really don't get what the big deal is with his content.

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Ch... The pot calling the Kettle black. -_-

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lol, he's talk-singing. Some people can get away with it but ummm... I don't know about Jeremih. He tried though.

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I really love her sound. *Goes to look for more songs done by her now*

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lol, he can't rap, but he's so cute. I ain't even mad. I really enjoyed the beat, and the last Real Hip Hop joint was cool.