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Well, he's not really being cynical at all this time around. He really enjoyed the episode, and had some good reasons to do so.

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They do. They really do.

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Point of order: What was shown was clearly not a beaker, but an Erlenmare flask (or Erlenmeyer flask, if you want to get technical). It is far funnier than a mere beaker.

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Our Town is Best Town.

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Vampire Diaries are easily the best episodes of all time.

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Guys, I think we're missing the most important detail: This season will premiere during day 2 of BABScon!

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It's a Sherlock Holmes crossover, but I haven't read it myself. It seems to feature a romantic pairing between Holmes and Trixie, and it's from a pretty great author.

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More pony thay's part of the curriculum: Bad Horse's The Magician and the Detective.

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Actually, despite the cover art, this book isn't about the zebras. Zebras are a "physical tribe" with their own stat adjustments, while the tribe of bones, which is the subkect of the splatbook, are a "spiritual tribe" like chaos hunters or clockwork ponies. The spiritual tribes add more cultural flavor, usually. Also, it's possible to have things like a bone pony zebra or a clockwork unicorn, but not a seapony pegasus or a clockwork chaos hunter.

That said, I found the splatbook to be quite awesome. For one thing, it includes something I've been wanting to see for a long time: a version of necromancy that actually makes sense for lawful good players to use. In short, it's entirely consensual and any undead you create retain their free will.

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Spoiler alert: Bad Horse is easily the greatest character in any of these stories.