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Unfortunately, some cancers kill themselves by first killing their hosts.

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Hey, wait a minute, "we Jews" have a much more serious problem than a single rogue racist Jew, and that is the fact that there's a moral crisis in the entire Jewish Community (Israeli, American, and European), that allows the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their land, a process started a hundred years ago with the cool, calculated plan for the Jewish State, a fundamentally racist concept. The immoral behavior by Jews in this process is diametrically opposed to the traditional tenets of Judaism. You can keep on denying the facts, but sooner or later, the world will catch on, as we are beginning to see now, with organized boycotts of Israeli products.

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Michael, let's say my family overpowered your family, moved into your house, occupying the main floors and forced you and your family to live in the basement. Then I succumb to a twinge of mercy and allow you to come up and work for pay, by cleaning our living quarters - a good job, paying you minimum wage. I'd bet you'd be tickled as pink that I was finally making efforts to bridge the gap between us, now wouldn't you?

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No, the Jewish value of do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Translated to the situation at hand, that means not killing and subjugating non-Jews for the purpose of stealing their land.

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Wasserman-Shultz's entanglements with AIPAC and other Jewish groups illustrate how problematic it is when a tiny minority in the population achieves huge disproportionate power and influence in government, especially when pet projects by that minority become obsessively championed. This is true with any group of people, Jew, Muslim, etc. Hopefully, AIPAC will get smacked down in this encounter, drawing greater public scrutiny on its functioning. All this mention of AIPAC is helping more Americans understand that AIPAC's main purpose is to force the US government to further the intentions of Jewish Israelis, even when those intentions are counter to the well being of our own country. At the least, it will hopefully lead to the registration of AIPAC as a foreign agent, and rightly so.

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How much dam_age could you do to one of those drones, with a 22_rifle?

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Hi ytramruhcs, some people always bring up the Christian Right when trying to define what the Lobby is, but it seems to me that the power of this faction pales, as compared to the role of the hard core Jewish Zionists, combined with the broader Jewish population, whom they exploit, mainly out of ignorance and silly beliefs/lies about the Jewish Homeland. A short list of the all-Jewish organizations that participate in the Lobby are AIPAC, the Conference of Presidents, the Jewish Agency for Israel, The ADL, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the American Jewish Congress, the National Jewish Federation of North America, the American Jewish Committee, B'Nai B'rith, the Union for Reformed Judaism, the United Synagogues for Conservative Judaism, the American Joint Distribution Committee, the Jewish Federation of N. America, the New Israel Fund, the American Enterprise Institute, the Jewish Woman Zionist Organization, to name just of the few well organized institutions, which disseminate the Israeli message throughout the Jewish Community, and of course, we must also consider the countless Hadassahs and many key Jewish positions in the media, entertainment, banking, and most other areas of influence in capacities far in excess of proportion to statistical Jewish occurrence in society at large. The Jewish State is central to the belief system of many, if not most Jews, and can you seriously entertain the possibility that Jews would let the issue of US support for Israel be dominated by any other group, let alone the Christian Right, who have proven themselves to be bungling idiots, when it comes to political movements? What successful politicking has the Christian Right accomplished? It's main issues are abortion, family values, Christian representation in government, and gay rights. On all these issues, they have had very little political success. The only exception perhaps is gun law, but I think there are many gun advocates that are not Christian Right. I think you'd agree that a very strong argument supports my contention that it's Jews that have the biggest influence on how the US government treats Israel.

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Typical obfuscation attempting to hide the fact that Jews enjoy highly disproportionate amount of political power in the US. Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with this, but in practice, any instance where a tiny minority achieves such influence presents the real danger that pet concerns of the minority will have disproportionate influence on society. The most obvious example at hand is the immoral support the US government gives to the immoral behavior of Israel, an outcome maintained by the Jewish Lobby, which is the largest and most controlling faction of the Israeli Lobby for Israel in the US. Most politicians here and in Israel know this, and increasing numbers of American citizens know this, despite the Jewish Lobby's concerted efforts to cover itself in a cloak of invisibility.

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Hagel does not impress me as very bright, nor as the right guy for Secretary of Defense. On many issues, he's as right wing as you can get, and he supports the existing power structure that runs this stupid country. I think, however, his comments on the Jewish Lobby and Israel have merit, pushing back on the decades of lies and obfuscation the Jewish Lobby has foisted upon Americans and US foreign policy in the Mid East. Just look at the power of this Lobby. It can make disappear many dozens of tightly organized, all Jewish organizations that devote much of their time and money pushing Israeli agenda, hoodwinking the bulk of the Jewish Community, and beyond to the average stupefied American.

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Robert, I hope you're right, but fear too much that you're wrong. The Jewish Lobby is more powerful than any of us in the public can realize.