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He is seen as a slimmy piece of work.

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The report states that Russia tried to interfere AFTER the Scottish indyref by promoting the conspiracy theory that that ballot was rigged.

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Here in Scotland, local pharmacist have been delivering medication to those who are shielding, for free. They also work with local surgeries and carers centres to ensure that their patients get the right medication at the right time during lockdown.

For many, they have been lifesavers.

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The average house price in Hartlepool is over £130k. The average price of a flat in Hartlepool is over £100k.

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He said' could' not 'good.'

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Exactly. It's the same as those people who never visited their dying loved-one because they were following the rules. They were just cold, dumb and inhumane...

Classic Dom, eh...

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I'm a former medic in the army
No, triage is based on medical needs. Those with most medical needs get treated first. This is battlefield triage, in that those most likely to survive will be treated first. There is a significant difference.

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As a Scot, I don't want Scotland to be a world power, at least in the manner that the UK is.

Scotland and Scots have had significant impact on the world. That won't change if Scotland becomes independence. That 'influence' is more important to me that 'power'

I disagree that an indy Scotland wouldn't be strong. Yes, Scotland would be a small country but we'd be part of the European Union. Being in a union with 27 other countries brings a strength that no one nation can have by itself, imho.

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Are the Tories councils that declared a climate emergency also socialist councils?

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There's low and there is selling out a friend for party political reasons.
You recorded a private conversation with a trusted friend then made it public. There is nothing principled in your actions.