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I am, in fact, a public school government teacher, and a proud member of the "vast right wing conspiracy." This is an absolute travesty. Don't get me wrong, I think it is very important for kids to hear the words of Dr. King, but good God, they have GOT to be in context. Many of these kids walked out of this assembly under the impression that those stirring words came from the President.

These teachers should be absolutely ashamed of themselves, and as a parent, I would be pi$$ed off if my child's administrators sanctioned this.

Our school district does our level best to get every student registered that is eligible, and we do take them to the polling locations via bus if they choose, but I can state categorically, that I've never said one word to a student regarding who they should or should not vote for. They study the candidates, the issues and I show them a vast number of online quizzes where they can "find out" what political issues are important to them.

Do I wish they'd wake up and realize that Obama is a fraud? Sure do, but it isn't my job to tell them that.

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Anyone else ever wonder that if Beckel took off his suspenders this might happen?

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At this rate, if Mitt gets the nomination, Ron Paul might be his running mate. :-O

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True. They certainly will shriek about it. My thinking was that we are better than this, and we really stooped to their level with this.

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I love AB, but I don't know if it was a great idea to sink to the level of Janeane G. and Maxine Waters.

We are better than this, and the American people have begun to realize this.

While Breitbart's comment may be (and probably is) completely accurate, I think it might end up giving them a bit of ammunition to solidify their base.

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It is starting to become so much clearer now. I finally understand why Mr. Freeman had such chemistry with Tim Robbins in "The Shawshank Redemption."

To paraphrase....Get busy living, or get busy LYING.

Sorry Mr. Freeman, I love your work, but your argument is very incomplete. McConnell states that they want to make President Obama a 1 term president. He did not state that he wants to make that "black man" a one term president."

You can continue to try and convince yourself that this is about race, but it is not. The President is in over his head. He is overwhelmed, he was under-vetted, and has failed the future generations of this great nation miserably. For the sake of my children and future generations, Mr. Obama cannot win another term as President.

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Truth be told.....my mother-in-law (who is an American citizen) is retired and lives in Mexico. My father-in-law sits on the beach every day at 12 eastern and still listens to Rush's broadcast over the net.

They still love this country, found the region they in now appealing and have embraced (but not attempted to change) the culture of the region.

God bless you Katt!

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That is a GREAT point. This is a movement not unlike the Civil Rights Movement.

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It is so sad to hear these members of Congress speaking this way. The "tea party" has nothing to do with race. This is purely a financial issue. This country will NOT survive with the current levels of spending. We must cut what this government spends its (OUR) money on.

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Permanent at MSNBC is so temporary. Brett Baier's agent is going to get his contract renegotiated so he can be paid for the last 3 viewers at MSNBC.