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I have long held an, i guess, unjustified dislike of Bath (seeing as I have never been there) thanks to Austen's pretty vehement perspective on it in her books. Maybe it's just because I'm not much of a social person, either, but it always seemed like a nightmare, either for Anne or the Dashwoods. But the profusion of Bath Praise in the comments is making me reconsider! Perhaps when I have a zillion dollars i will go there, and visit the Pump Room that i may Take The Waters.

Also, yes to the awkward little dingus-erasure of Mr. Darcy. I don't think that just because he got married it would no longer be a problem and he'd transform into like, Fabio. If anything, he probably got more awkward and full of FEELING. That's infinitely more interesting than the average lothario portrayal of him.

(Although I will admit that I am not strong enough a person to resist some good Austen merch.)

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i feel this the Exact Same Way i feel, with all certainty, that Jessie's Girl is a lesbian song. that kind of croony yearning and simultaneous self-torment is not for the heterosexuals. no sir

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The most consistently complimented lip product I use is the Wet n' Wild Megalast lipstick. They're like, two bucks each, matte and INVINCIBLE, in a really great range of colors, and i have approximately a zillion. This one dark purple I have called Vamp It Up is great for when I feel like exuding my witch persona, and there's a lighter one called Sugar Plum Fairy, special-made for winter witches.

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John Boyega is love. John Boyega is life. I'm so happy he's gotten such a high-profile role, and i'm so excited for the representation his role as Finn is bringing.

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Oh, man, is this a great post. Such a rich tapestry of Dads and Dad Music™. My dad is actually pretty well rounded in terms of musical taste, but he does lean very Dadly in his car fallback—it's almost always Springsteen.

-When my brother and I were in high school, he would wake us up on the weekends by playing Zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same" at an ear-shredding volume until one of us dragged ourselves out to turn it off.

-He never really worried about censoring his music taste when i was younger, so I ended up with Maxwell's Silver Hammer as one of my favorite songs until I realized what it was actually about. And the fact that he played Warren Zevon's "Excitable Boy" frequently explains a lot.

-His most recent music purchase is the (new?) Foo Fighters album, and he is ridiculously proud of himself for it. He thought I would be very impressed, and I am, and it's adorable how he always skips to the last track "I Am A River".

-He rented a car recently and found an unlabeled mix CD of quasi-current pop hits: Hozier, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, etc., and joyously incorporated it into his binder, saying, "hey, this stuff is pretty good!"

Now it is Christmas Dad season, which means he will play Luciano Pavarotti's "O Holy Night" cd with the all-boys choir on repeat and STRONGLY PROTEST any alternates.

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Jars of Clay has a song on the inspired-by soundtrack for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, and it is just really, really beautiful. I've managed to forget most of the catalog of christian rock i was, uh, exposed to as a kid, but that song always struck me, and I like to listen to it in wintertime. It really fills you with a sense of wonder and anticipation.