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Congratulations Oliver May your baby be very healthy and have a full life XD

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LOL i'm really stupid lol sorry oliver i'm really anoying i know but here ya go i forgot to say the way to check if what i said was true

1- Load a JPG file to PS in RGB form.

2- Just erase part of the image if you what to be sure you maid changes.

3- Save as Web & Devices (use the configs i gave you the make the file Smaller but they don't interfer with this)

4- Save it as "A" and chose about 40 our more colors 40 is always a good nº( This Save was in RGB Form)

5- Now Go back to the Image Change it to Gray Scales

6- Save it the same way with the name "B"

7- Check the Original and A & B, "B" is is darker then the other 2

If i helped please do tell me XD i'm really full of myself lol but i don't know a lot about PS lol BYE XD

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LOL now i can login lol just do what i said up there lol and everything should be fine if it's to confusing or it's not working just send me a e-mail i'll respond to it with a Simple and Efective clean tutorial lol bye YAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

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O i forgot STOP SAYING MANGA SITES NAMES PEOPLE OR POSTING LINKS TO THEM KEEP THEM CLEAN LESS STUFF APEARING IN GOOGLE TOP 10 THE BETTER Plus google is our enemy because they are helping the Publishers finding stuff (indirectly) it's easy they just put MANGA ONLINE and BAMMMM there are the top 10 manga sites the less you talk about them the better keep them secret the Publishers are not jocking around i know that they can't demolish manga like Comics but they can make your live very dificult, just think what if the publishers of MEGASTORE OR TENMA OR OTHERS start getting highwheel on scanlation hentai is much easier to demolish since there are few big site like hentai rules off course it's more dificult to persue little ones but Hentai rules FAKKU could disapear like that it's always ilegal to scan a book and post it online if the book was free it's one thing and even then there are some people that don't like fans spreading theyr books lol BYE YAAAAHHHHHAAAAA!!!!

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Sorry for bieng so harsh but those sites did a bad thing if you look at it from afar manga is now more dificult to get for all look like we are going 6 years back in time so people start looking around RAW manga is getting really dificult to get so expect lower quality stuff and a really hard time looking for it BYE

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Ok People first FINALLY i know many of you like reading online but those site grow to large and what they did has ilegal even if some consented you know online reading should never existed because look at what's hapanning all RAW manga is disapiring because publishers are crushing down Scanlation, and the problems was atracting to much people to one site. He all should have sticked to Downloading from the Scanlators that way it's easy and second do say "how whold i get to know the Manga ****** if manga fox or onemanga didn't exist well you have other places only for that and plus they tell you whitch scanlator is doing what just look at mangaupdates they do that, but now because of online manga even mangaupdates are about to fall then my friends is IRC for all or Foruns in anime site get used to it

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Ok so forther more thanks for your opinion and second yeah i'm gona Uncenser and do Sara Skin a little more darker and maybe some other minor stuff xD so this is going to be my new project i don't think it will take much time so i will upload everything toghether so wait i think i can do at least 20 pages a day or more if i really get into it so bye and till next time i'll report my evolution BYE YAAAAAHHHAAAAA!!!!!

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Here you go 2 diferent images to see 1 is Uncen so you can see my Uncen Skill and both images have Normal Sara and Darker Sara, i think both ways are fine but if you what she can be lighter then i maid her or she can stay like she is. But i prefer how the Tank is.

Original - - 159841-SF6S0WN.jpg

Mine - - 159845-YAORVA1.png

Original 2 - - 159847-OFAC6ZP.jpg

Mine 2 - - 159849-AWTSFW1.png

Oliver i would like your support on the project (support i mean posting here in Hentai Rules and your personal opinion). Please tell me if you prefer a Tan Sara or the normal Tank Ver Sara please so i may start the project i wait your reply send it to or just reply here. Thank you all and please respect how did this project and Support the Book autor by buying the Manga Online or in a Store near you.

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Hi Vaizard from Vaizard no Sekai here.

First of all people and Oliver the levels of the color are correct that what usually grays look like in Tank version, just look at my Taihen and you'll see that mine are lighter then the mag from it. And all of this fuss is about Sara color, ok first that was the original color and not the really black one in the mag ver you all have to remanber that Mag ver is really dark gray so she usually stands darker there. And second size is yeah ok it's low but not that low there are worse. about the cencership i'm gona freakin do it so stop conplaining. The guy how did this did it for all of you and you all complain and don'y even say thanks, you know we do this for free and second it's illegal to do it so please think about at least saying thanks before complaining OK. Ok now i'm gona uncen and maybe if you all like give sara a bigger tan but only maybe i'll show you it.

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LOL don't say that or you'll regret it oliver because if she has a body like that now in 10 years is she's like real women her breasts & butt will fall down and she'll get ugly has hell that's why you always have to go for the IN GROWING till 20's XD then it's all you can eat XD