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"He held a policy meeting with his secret “panel of advisers” (the rows of fetus jars stacked in his basement)[...]"

I haven't even read the rest of the post. I had to call out this brilliant writing immediately! Devastatingly Hilarious!

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No, you're reading me wrong. EVERYONE has known for at least two years that Pawlenty would run. He's had all that time to prepare Strategies and Messaging. The thrust of my Comment is general shock at how he could have mismanaged his campaign so badly and why is he bowing out to people everybody knows can't win?!
I don't have sympathy for him or any Repub, I'm just appalled at him as a lousy example of an "ambitious man."

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It was SUCH a boneheaded move for Pawlenty to drop out.
Instead he should have come out swinging with an official press release claiming that he had in fact WON Ames because he was the ONLY _ELECTABLE_ candidate in the Top 5. He should have pointed out that Christian Extremists and Libertarians will never win a national general election!
His meek withdrawal just proves how spineless and milquetoast of a candidate/man he is. It is such a shame that Minnesota had to be flushed down the shitter for this quitter.

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Her name alone, is a word of Ignorance.

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Well that settles it. The 2012 Republican Agenda is set.
Destroy Medicare and gain a 289 member House majority in order to expel the brain damaged deadbeat "Flabby" Gabby Giffords!

Compassionate Conservatism at its best and most caring!

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"What's the Frequency, Titties?!"

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I'd be careful if I was Donald, going to fervent Obama-supporter Oprah's hood. The "make-over" will be her straight up scalping that motherfucker, and peeling that bloody shit back in a live reveal before distributing chunks of it to her studio audience.
"And YOU get a chunk of Birther Scalp! And YOU get a chunk of Birther Scalp! It's one of my FAVORITE THINGS!!!!"

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the 2nd sentence should have been a reply to your first, but thumbs up regardless. :)

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I don't care what anyone says, if she was a half-way decent Reporter she would have gotten the name of that marvelous ape...

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I don't know... they may have succeeded. Taco Bell STILL won't give me green onions on my Mexican't Pizzas!