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What a ridiculous comment.

1) Even people who agree that fetuses are actually living human beings can explain why they support abortion. You're either an idiot or simply not listening if you think they can't explain it. You might not agree with their conclusions, but they have explanations. Has to do with the rights of the mother--the woman doesn't stop having rights because of the presence of another living thing.

2) Go ahead and prove to me that a fetus is a living human being. Go ahead. You can talk all you want about DNA and what it will eventually become, but that's not conclusive to many people that a collection of cells is a 'human being', and thus deserving of rights.

Can YOU explain why the rights of a fetus automatically mean that a 12 year old raped girl has to carry her father's baby to term?

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So the Rev. Sharpton asks people to stay on topic a lot, does he? Fascinating.

Well Ricky, I have to take another break, longer than the desperately long 7 minutes from before that you freaked out about. I hope you'll be okay in the meantime.

I do want to thank you for continuing to prove just how much better people conservatives are. Namecalling, lying, trolling, racism. You've done a good job of expressing yourself, Ricky, and it's been entertaining to watch. Keep up the good work, we'll all keep laughing at you.

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So you're a self-admitted troll now? Good, Ricky. The first step is acceptance.

The problem is that I still don't consider the sort of position he held to be a 'leader' in the KKK, no more than a Corporal is one of the 'leaders' of the Army.

You, on the other hand, would love to paint him as incredibly involved in the organization, even though he was done after a year, and publically condemned his own membership for the last several decades of his life.

But that's you, Ricky. A liar and self-confessed troll.

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Does 'expert' mean 'knows more than Ricky' in your dictionary? Must be a lot of experts walking around.

Come on Ricky, you're still resorting to random, stale attacks. Your troll grade is dropping through the floor, son.

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Sure thing, Ricky. That 'Exalted Cyclops' position amounts to hanging out with four or five rednecks in a barn drinking beer.

If you consider that a 'leadership' position in the clan, as I said elsewhere when you posted this off topic in another area, then Corporals must be the leadership of the army.

Way to go, Ricky. Bending facts the way only one of the idiot conservatives can (as opposed to intelligent conservatives, of which there are many...just not Ricky the liar).

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Deathly silent, for all of 7 minutes. Wow Ricky, you're desperate to make me look bad, aren't you?

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Ricky, how does my ridicule of your nonsensical post amount to playing any card at all?

Maybe I'm playing the 'logic card'. :) lol

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So you're saying that someone who joins an organization and drops out after a year is a 'leader', huh?

Oh yeah, I forgot. You probably also think Palin is a 'leader', and she quit too.

No, I don't consider the positions Byrd held to be 'leadership'. The 'Exalted Cyclops' amounts to having four or five 'good old boy' republicans hanging around with you. If you want to say he was a 'leader' in the organization, then I suppose Corporals are the 'leaders' of the military.

Get your facts straight, son. Oh, wait, you're a liar. You won't care even if you have them straight.

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"Do you have any evidence it's not happening?"

By the way, I have to say that this is an awesome display of ineptitude here. A known liar (Ricky) suggests that something bad is happening. When asked for proof, he gives us his only proof: we don't have evidence that it's NOT happening!

Ricky, aliens are taking over the NHL! Proof? Do you have any proof that it's NOT happening?!


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See, now...I have to admit, you are staying on topic at this point. That's the first step.

The problem the rest of us have with your comment now, though, is that we now know you're a liar. Where is your evidence that McCain was born in a US territory? Have you seen his birth certificate? Where is your evidence that the Obama admin hadn't read the AZ bill?

You have proven here that you make things up to suit yourself. You are a liar, and we have no reason to believe what you write without proof.