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Why is this article on this website?
And how does this provide me with relief?
If you want to give me some relief, change our Zeek Rewards program to meet the SEC regulations, or just send me my refund quickly...


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Why would a receiver not give checks back to the investor of the check that has not been cashed yet?

It seems to me the easiest way to get people their money back, is to send back the checks if they have not been cashed?
Unless there is an ulterior motive.

I have some affiliates in my down-line that have already received their original purchase checks back! Why is that?

Does the receiver get paid a commission of the total revenue refund?

If so, that would make me understand why the receiver has decided NOT to simply send Cashier's Checks back to the people that RVG has not deposited yet.

I have one affiliate whose check was placed into the Zeek home office security box the day before the company shut down.

That check was for $10K, now I ask you why and how hard would it be to just simply return that check to the person?
This is absolutely ridiculous!

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Wow! Are you kidding me?

All I can say is, "No wonder we haven't heard from any of the top people in Zeek!" I am from Lexington, NC and I had heard a few stories about this being known from the very beginning of the company, but I didn't want to believe that this was true. What I want to know is how many of these people are going to be charged and go to prison?

All of the ones that new about this should definitely stand before a judge, unless the judge was in Zeek too. I know that some people lost money in this scam, and Kenneth Bell is doing everything he can to get "investors" their money back. But won't the people who were paid commissions by new investors have to give that money back? I think that should definitely be something that should happen!

Everyone that received more money than they paid in, should be required to give that money back! After all, wouldn't you need it back to give it to the latter investors? This is just a down right disgrace to network marketing in general, and no wonder good people, and I mean GOOD people are skeptical about any kind of MLM whatsoever! I know that Zeek Rewards has convinced me that you cannot trust any MLM business.

I put my reputation on the line by trying to help people make money in a MLM business that I thought was founded right and then grew too fast, and some bad mistakes made the business condemned. But now to learn that Zeek Rewards, if these comments are proven to be true, was corrupt and destined to fail from the start, is totally the straw that broke the camels back.

I was willing to fight for this company name, as a few others were too, and I put my energy and excitement into a new company that was inspiring in a downed economy, only to find out that a bunch of greedy, conspiring, gutless, blood sucking, business marketing "wanna-bees"; would come up with a plan that did something that no other MLM company in history has ever done, only to find out that the special company actually was started by people who wanted to destroy other peoples lives!

You can bet that if this turns out to be true, I will pray that every single dime is ordered to go back to the people it came from and that the government will not just let this lie, and prosecute every single person involved!

I have heard the affiliates in Zeek Rewards called everything from stupid to foolish to ignorant for joining Zeek Rewards, and it is very humbling to believe in that something that was giving so many people so much hope, just to learn that stupid, ignorant, foolish people made up the whole thing from the beginning.

I'm sorry but I wouldn't blame any one that never wanted to be approached by another network marketer for the rest of their life! And if network marketers who just want to jump off of this ship and dive into another one without speaking up and speaking out in defense of "real" MLM businesses, they need to stop calling themselves "real" MLMers, as well.

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Mr Dooly,
I enjoyed talking with you and Tom live yesterday live, but I didn't get a chance to ask if you had heard from any of the people that were working with Zeek Rewards at the time other than Paul Burks: Dawn O., Greg C., Kevin G., and also why have the affiliates at Zeek not heard from the lawyers that were hired to work for this company? All of these things should have already happened, for the situation to be that someone just voluntarily closed the doors, unless they all knew about it happening? It just doesn't really line up.


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Troy is it possible for a business person to take over the reigns of Zeek Rewards, regroup the company, reconstruct the compensation plan, reset the profit margins to lets say 1% a day for example. And also cap the number of affiliates right now, to allow new people to come in at a later time, let the profits rise with the current affiliates, and really let the focus be on the PENNY AUCTION! Is it possible to do these things quickly and reopen the doors? I am very new to MLM but is it possible to do these things and let a business person reopen Zeek?

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Troy, I don't blame you a bit for taking money from RVG.
A man has got to make a living right?
And by the way, just because you were paid by RVG doesn't mean you were paid to talk positively about the business or that you condone illegal behavior.
We appreciate you Troy!
God bless you and your family.

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Thanks Troy for all of your advice!
Most of us know that we are not your puppets or robots, and that we stand accountable for our own decisions in life whether they be financial, spiritual or anything else.
But I noticed that you mentioned something concerning the Zeek Affiliates in your last video response, to the effect of some companies wanting to help us by letting us join their company for free because they just simply wanted to help. Well I have a terrifically understanding down-line that I would love to help by recommending another company to help them make money. Most of them are young married couples with children, like myself, wanting to see something positive happen with their finances, and all of them are very new to MLM. So if you could pass on some information to me it would be very much appreciated. My email address is
God bless you and your family, my friend.

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Wow dtspharmd!
How old are you? Do you know how to make decisions for yourself? How many people did you sponsor in the Zeek business? Have they asked you to try and restore your reputation? What a cop out! Why don't you stand accountable for your own choices and quit passing the buck. I'm surprised you didn't blame your wife! Did you promote Zeek Rewards because you thought it was legitimate or because you thought it was crooked? Everyone that was associated with Zeek Rewards was counting on it to change their lives, and their financial state, or else they wouldn't have joined the business. So why don't you just realize that it is one person's fault that you lost your money, and its not Troy Dooly, or even Paul Burks. So guess who that leaves? Or do you need Troy to hold your hand through that, as well! Give us all a break, man!

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There is a petition to NC AG Roy Cooper circulating to keep Zeek in business!!!

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There is a petition to NC AG Roy Cooper circulating to keep Zeek in business!!!
Over 27,000 have signed it already!