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Well, the article from 10-24 was very balanced and fair. Was there something else you are referring to? And plenty of time to make full disclosure before the election.

"Mayor Randy Ahrens, a registered Republican who has endorsed Harward, said it is"unfortunate" to dwell on candidates' past issues "when we should be focused on the future."

That's an odd statement. So why would we even need to vet any candidate? If a candidate claims to be honest and is all about the future, that's all that matters?
And why are Repubs going to such trouble to check out Hillary's past phone use? We should be focused on the future. Right?

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I'm not even sure that BVSD need more subs. The number ( 650?) seems like plenty. Is it that the average sub only wants to work one or two days a week? I wouldn't imagine more than a couple hundred teachers are out any single day.

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You say this Eager 1 is really built, however six years is a short time for any mover. I had a 1982-3 Honda that gave out last year. Our snowblower is about the same age and going strong. Maybe turning it into a pile of snow during the winter has something to do with it. Put a tarp over that new mower. Liked the story though.

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Girls don't need to work so hard at titillating the boys. It doesn't take much to get them going.
Or is it an artsy fartsy thing, to be fashionable?

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Those Republican ads are sure laughable. Notice they are all by women, and they are trying to promote the party rather than the candidates. Maybe because they are embarrassed by the candidates.
Republicans: the caring party, there to help you in your time of need. Reminds me of a Geoffrey Gullinson ad. Give me a fricken break.

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So, if someone wanted to sneak a bomb into a school, why not disguise it as a mass of wires and call it a science project. No one can look at that thing and tell it's not a bomb without thorough examination. You only need a marble size blob of C4 to take out a couple classrooms.
Over-reaction? Maybe.
But the teachers should take notice of any strange devise. Hopefully, there wasn't any racial profiling involved, as any screwed up white christian kid could do the same thing.

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Thirteen consecutive division road wins! New NFL record.
Don't you feel sorry for the other teams in the AFC West?

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And when do we get to watch CU football without taking taking out a second mortgage for cable?
It wasn't too long ago that half the games were on over-the-air. I thought when they moved to Pac 12 there was something about more televised games.

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Too close a game for a home opener. Broncos had every advantage and came within seconds and inches of losing it.
Kudos to the defense.
No offensive TD with the top QB in the league? Give me a break.

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"U.S. District Judge Richard M. Berman criticized NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for dispensing "his own brand of industrial justice."

I'm not sure what industrial justice means, other than the NFL is an industry. And industries should be able to structure work schedules for the benefit of the industry.
Goodell is ultimately Brady's boss, and should be able to determine his work schedule.
Goodell should just say that he won't be needing Brady on this and that days.