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I had about the same reaction as this my first time, sans the burst of pride and courage with the manticore. As I've seen with other shows, the first season always seems a bit poor or awkward as the staff and creators find their stride. However, they almost always find their way and improve by the second season, and this show is no exception.

Also, missing comments?! ...Dinkleburg...

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I'm going to try to get into the creative side of the fandom. I'm thinking reviewing, with writing and some small music thrown in for diversity.

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Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like KP has lost something? I don't mean this as an attack, but let me explain. With all of her references, improved animation (her team really does some good work, but it's almost too good), and constant name dropping (alright, we get it, you met John de Lancie and Larson, just move on) filling up more and more space in her videos, I'm finding it difficult to see the review underneath. It's all very distracting, like she's trying to draw away our attention. What's more, when I do find her review, it feels very bare bones. Like "Oh, this happened, I liked it, have a reference" or "This happened, Larson must be behind it, curse you Larson!" I'm still keeping her on as a subscription, but I must confess, I'm finding it harder and harder to be motivated to watch her stuff, and when I do watch it, I leave feeling unsatisfied and wishing for the old KP content back.

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Go for some classic EEnE.

Trixie: Yeah!
Twilight: Really!

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One more song that I'll have to learn on piano at some point!!!

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I remember seeing those Friendship is Manly guys at Bronycon and joking with the guy next to me about what would happen if someone walked in off the street, with no prior knowledge about bronies, and had that as their first sight of the fandom.

But seriously, that takes some dedication. Props to them.

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*Insert Pinkie Pie / TF2 Spy joke*

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I don't speak Spanish, so I'm not sure how to properly hate Flash, but at the same time, I don't think I need to in order to ship Lyrabon even harder.

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Is Friday night the Grand Galloping Gala?That's what I'm really looking forward to. A night to dress up to the nines and get my class on!

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I feel like I relate to Moondancer to a lesser extent. Most of my life, I've had friends with whom I talk and laugh when I see them, but they mostly do things together that don't include me. I'll see them at school and sit with them, but then they're off at the mall or playing a sport or just hanging out. I don't want to ask if I can come or invite myself because I don't want to seem needy or rude.
In the end, it's sort of depressing because I feel like I can technically call them "friends", but it doesn't feel like full friendship. The worst part is when they say we're all going to do something, and I show up to the spot and no one's there, so I wait and text one of them. They say "Oh, we changed plans. Didn't you get the message?" Then they apologize and say how sorry they are and how it was a mistake that they forgot me, and I just say, "It's alright. Everyone does it."
So when it comes that I leave or graduate from a school, I tell them "Oh yeah, I'll see you guys around, we can all get together sometime and catch up", and then I never see them again or hear from them. I feel like I'm not close to them like they are to each other, so when we lose that connection of class, they go off with each other, and I'm left to fade away.

I'm determined to not let it happen again when I graduate from university this winter. I want to have friends with whom I'm close. I don't want to be the forgotten friend anymore, like Moondancer.