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Yes, and frankly I've never been into the analysis brony scene that seems to have exploded in recent years, but it still sucks that his account got taken down. I understand and agree with your apathy, but I feel like there's something to be said for empathy/sympathy.

That said, I'm sure you've been swamped by replying to about 500 comments in this comment thread so far, so no need to reply one way or the other, I just felt like sharing a bit of mediating point-counterpoint here.

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...But it's not a rumour, the second one had a post-credits cliffhanger. I mean, that's definitely not a sure thing, but it's pretty clear they were at least expecting to make a third one.

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Canon underwear

Your move, Hasbro

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I don't....... is it Target? How the fuck do you type L instead of T? "Largest"? Is the artist's last name Larget? Seth, your journalism raises more questions than answers sometimes.

Also I'm still bitter that you always spell "Michael" as "Micheal" and "etc" as "ect".

["You" being Sethisto, not you, dude I'm replying to]

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Fair enough on the release date. However, they're businessmen. Whether or not it's EqG doesn't matter to them, they just want to point out to their investors that there's a movie in the franchise happening in 2017. Additionally, it's by a different studio, who's to say it's even going to be the characters we know and love?

That said, I don't want to come off completely pessimistic. It's quite likely they'll be consulting the writers from the show, or they'll at least keep it true to FIM's characters and story elements and appearance, and having an MLP film out in 2017 means good they've got faith in the property until then, so we're likely to get more seasons of the show.

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...Why are so many guys in the comments assuming it's not just EqG3, which has already been sequel-baited? Those movies were both under the My Little Pony banner. This just means we're getting another movie, absolutely nothing about it confirms that it's all-pony.

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Must be friends with Brent Hodges and Micheal Dobson.

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It's "Hodge", Seth. It's just "Hodge".

Like "Michael".
Or "its" (most of the time that you use "it's").
Or "etc."

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A trilby is a subset of fedoras, which is a blanket term defining any brimmed hat, more specifically brimmed hats with a pinched front and wider back. Indiana Jones's hat is also considered a fedora, but Trilbys count as them too.

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I saw it, I quite preferred it over the John DeLancie doc. That one had a lot of flash, but this one has a lot more substance and heart.