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It was just a string of swears.

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Hey guy.

I've been getting reports of your comments all morning, and I'm not deleting them or banning you because you haven't done any straight up trolling. You're toeing the line by being a dick though, so tone it down before we have to step in.

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I've been getting reports about this comment thread all day, so I'm gonna lay down the line here for anyone else who stumbles across this.

lumiunako stated his opinion and defended it when others attacked it. That is not reportable. He acted like an ass in a couple responses, which is ALSO not reportable (it's not trolling, it's not flaming, it's being rude). Stop reporting his stuff because my inbox is flooded with this nonsense.

He's being a cock but he's hardly throwing the first punch here. If you hate his opinion so much that you can't stand to see it, use your internet 101 and use your mouse wheel. Unless you have something intelligent to add or a counterpoint to make, just skip the post.

I have gone through and deleted some of the more dickish comments from both sides, but everyone involved here is at fault. Learn some respect all around, folks.

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My email inbox is flooded with people reporting this comment bahahahahaha

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Oh my, do tell.

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EQD is a fandom hub site, not a one stop brony news site. We post things that are relevant, not every shock comic's opinion of us. If we did that, we'd be nothing but youtube links to cheap laugh sketches. Plus, not every mention of ponies is news worthy; the only reason this is getting attention is because he showed porn on television.

The shit storm may end up being glorious, but for now it hardly qualifies as being posted about. It CERTAINLY doesn't qualify as being on topic about a child with cancer, and any further posts on it will be deleted.

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You're ignoring the point I'm trying to make. There is a difference between harassment and being rude, which you said yourself just now. Nobody involved has crossed that line yet, and nobody is getting censored until they do.

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>Oh, well aren't you just SO funny?
>You've read all 1,947 of my comments? Wow, I'm impressed.
>Sorry for not loving everything?

I'm really not seeing any positive-like manner here. You're at least as sarcastic and rude as the people you're complaining about, and you're hardly proving them wrong by behaving like this. I only originally got involved to ask you to stop reporting them, but if you disagree with my approach then let me offer a different point of view. If I delete their antagonizing comments, which I'm not convinced are even meant as such, I'd be obligated to delete yours as well. Just looking at the first two pages of your Intense Debate profile, that's a lot of comments.

Instead of everyone yelling for mods to come in and end the fight, let's all try to respond act like adults here.

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On the subject of differing opinons, stop reporting everyone's negative comments about your posts. It's not harassment for them to point out that you are usually negative, nor is it flaming. If it gets to that point we'll step in, but this is the third identical report I've gotten asking us to shut someone up for you.