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"A magical empire has suddenly appeared" Sweet Celestia, it's the damn wedding all over again. All the spoilers point to crap, but hopefully things will happen and blow us away anyway. How funny that when I first heard of Discord, I figured he'd be a male version of Nightmare Moon, and now we'll get to see one.

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I LOVE this series!

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The girls win an all-expenses paid vacation to Horseshoe Beach, but Applejack argues that she has no time to relax, Can she settle down before she drives the girls up a wall?

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Okay seriously, if everybody's making such a big deal out of the wedding this weekend, then Season 3 has to be literally around the corner. Even if it's not next week, then just announce a date already!

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Octavia not only speaks but SINGS? And Trixie is definitely coming back? WHERE'S MY BRAEBURN, DAMNIT?!

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They better have SOME kind of presence at the NYC Comic Con (the only one I can attend. Last year was a joke with not even a sign in their large booth acknowledging the show.

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"Trixie Lulamoon is great at magic tricks, but sometimes she likes to show off a little too much!"

Understatement of the century.

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I love it when My Little Pony items clearly have a brony influence, especially when it comes straight from us.

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BUCK YES! Now I need Pony 3DS armor to hide the fact that I have an Aqua Blue and sadly cannot afford a new 3DS and I still mistrust importing all my digital games over, especially since I have some DSi ware.

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I love that girl. "FINALLY, she's white!" $5 the toy still says those horrible, horrible lines. *shudders* Thank Celestia Nicole Oliver doesn't do those lines.