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See folks? This is how much Hasbro cares about your children and your opinions ^_^ !

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Welp. That's enough internet for today O_O....

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Not alone. I denied myself plushies I was on the fence about until after the season 4 finale.

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Say what you will about the plot holes and iffy writing (I embarrassingly have <_<), season 1 and 2 had a clear emphasis in their tone, character interactions and dialogue writing on avoiding having to talk down to the audience; Faust seasons effectively used contrast, emotions, and personality that kept even the most cringeworthy writing (looking at you Feeling Pinkie Keen) at least entertaining and organic to watch on some level: getting invested was like getting invested in another world with its own little quirks and much less like a stereotypical "kids" show and worth rallying in defense of its existence. Post-season 2, the way how said dialogue and interactions are written/presented, there are just canyons of missed opportunities that give off the feeling of shallowness and checkmark storytelling with little to no depth or acknowledgement of the audience's intelligence including the little kids.

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"And like that you've lost me."

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Plot Twist: The episode will be about soccer but will actually skate around the soccer game and instead be a CMC episode. :P

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Shoot. This whole topic thread sounds like they're asking us for ideas...

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And their babies were a unicorn and an alicorn...for some reason...<_<

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Something significant eh?
Not a lot of confidence in good quality eh?

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If we're listing stuff so that Ingram gets to have lyrics, I'm leaving...