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What is your theory on why Twilight was still an Alicorn after Starlight stopped the rainboom the first time?

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What are your hopes for Starlight Glimmer in Season 6, would you want her as a main character or a supporting character?

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Anyone else expecting Unicorn Twilight might make a return?

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It depends really on what happens in the finale really. Considering what we have got thus far it does look as Starlight will not just be reformed but might very well be joining the main cast, as shown in G.M Berrow's upcoming book. Plus since Starlight's a Unicorn it will go well for the Mane 6 since Twilight ascended to an Alicorn meaning we get Two Earth Ponies, Two Pegasi and Two Unicorns again for the now Mane 7, anyone else agree?

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November? but I read on both wikipedia and IMDb for March 2017.

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"Foalsitting for Dummies"

The Apples are called away on family business in Appleloosa but Apple Bloom is in the middle of preparing for her school play. Seeing this as an oportunity to follow in Cadance's hoofsteps at being the greatest foalsitter, Twilight offers to foalsit Apple Bloom for them while there away, however Twilight is getting so distracted on her activity planning that Apple Bloom's anxiety over the play starts to weigh on her.

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This is the pony I would choose to be the next Alicorn:

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I would love to see Alicorn Apple Bloom happen.

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Perhaps this would explain why Season 5 took so long to air, they must have also been working on Season 6 at the same time or could still be working on it while Season 5 is currently airing.