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My guess is that a bumper case will be in the box of new iPhone 4's sold after September 30th. I doubt they are going to find a real fix for this since the antenna is on the outside of the phone (which I don't see them changing), which is really why the issue is so prominent with the iPhone 4. Other phones have attenuation issues, but not as extreme.

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Skype goes after a company that actually enhances what Skype offers. I have a Skype account and was excited about using Fring to use mobile video chat. Since Skype doesn't offer this themselves all they are doing is opening the door for a competitor to step into this space. Fring made Skype more useful and retained users. Now I hope someone new comes in and knocks it out of the park with a great mobile -> mobile and mobile -> desktop video chat solution that works over 3G.

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Google needs to make sure they do not roll this out before it is truly ready. Buzz & Wave were not ready so the user experience was poor. That initial response by users has really hurt those product offerings. If they roll this out before it is truly a better offering than Facebook they will fail once gain. And any privacy snaffu will kill this project as well.

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How 'bout a mobile version of the Church Crunch site to show us how to leverage the iPhone & Android phones a bit more? ;)

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I actually find it more sad that Churches hold onto their code. I would love to see an open sourcing movement for Church technology.

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I would have to say that I am reading my Bible far more often since I have it on my iPhone. This is one area that my iPhone has truly helped me to get more scripture into my head. And I use the YouVersion app, and am looking forward to the upcoming reading plans feature.

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How well do you know Russian? :) ( at least I think that first image is in Russian )

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If you use Chrome as your browser there is a Wave Notifier extension you can use, which has come in handy for me. granted this only works if you are camped out in front of your computer...

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Seems to be really laggy at the moment. If those things get worked out, this will be really cool.

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I have a whole bunch of Wave invites to give away if anybody wants one. I am having a hard time giving these things away, it almost seems like the Wave bubble has burst among the people I know.

If you are interested in an invite send me a message at jeff [--at--]