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Interesting how trying to elicit a positive response about the home button's ease of use prompts her to say that she will also turn off her iPad. And that managing multi-tasking seems too difficult. And that it crashes a lot -- more than she even calls her son about.

Saying she's a fast learner was funny and charming.

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I'm not sure I understand what the danger is for #1 (changing a user name). After all, if you start off as Quasi-Modelo and tweet about forays as a body prototype for mannequins a lot, and after 500,000 users you sell your account to someone else who changes the user name to Work-at-Home-Free-Mortgages, then the person and the purpose behind the tweets will change, and people will simply unsubscribe.

I like #5 (the limit to following people) so that a spammer doesn't harrass you with multiple requests. On the other hand, some people get cranky at each other and following and unfollowing might be normal for that relationship. Think of 15 year old on-again/off-again sweethearts or spouses debating a divorce and there's a human reason why real people might not be best suited to this.

I think Jeremy's point is that if you give a host of guidelines and then confess that a loophole for one of them (about aggressively following people) is one you have just finished availed yourself of, then there's something to look at there. Also, Jeremy seems to advocate people policing themselves for honesty rather than technology.

Contrary to Jeremy's position, I take your using the loophole as an example of a real person (non-spammer) doing something with no real averse effects. Further, I like that I can block spam bots. Some people don’t exist as people in social media, they are just spam bots and I believe we need technology to protect us – either our own or the social media provider.

A note on your twitter policy: you don't mention how fast you unfollow people who don't follow back. I check out my recent follows about once a week or so. Two to three days is not a lot of time for busy people who's lives aren't twitter to return a follow.

My own tendency (no policy yet) is that if I @ reply to people and they direct message me (as I'm following them), then they should follow me back, especially if it's really an offline comment. A friend of a friend did this repeatedly (I like her), so I unfollowed her and @ replied back. She must have tried to DM me and couldn't. She followed me right away and we've been mutually following ever since.

Your mileage may vary.