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14 years ago @ The British National P... - Importing Third World ... · 1 reply · +8 points

So what's new? If you want your country back then your only option is to vote BNP. SIMPLES!

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The Nu-Labor regime has been busy for years replacing indigenous Brits with foreign scab labour. BNP supporters have been aware of this for as long as those traitors have been in power. It comes as no surprise to anyone in our camp. Nu-Labor not only have started to accomplish their goal of wrecking our race and nation for their idealogical ends but pleased bigbizniz and as a result were paid huge aounts of money to go out and do more of the same. Business now no longer gives them money but will wait until the next set of scum are in power to carry on the same dirty work.

Colleagues of mine lost well paid jobs in IT by being made redundant and six months later replaced by cheap foreigners from India fast tracked into the country. At the time I saw the the writing on the wall and allowed a small coronary problem to come to the fore front and put me on permanent sickness. My salary will be paid by private insurance until I'm 65. KOOL! I'm taking them for every penny I can suck out of them.

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It is well known that the Mirror is a toilet rag. But if they have to pay to make up stories then they are not even that. They are dust. No, they are nothing.

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There is worse to come before we get to power. I hope there will be a hung parliament and then the people will see the three headed hydra turn upon itself.

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The Left like throwing words around like Facsist or racist. But these vulcan like nerve pinches have been overused and mean nothing anymore. If they mean anything, then it is about the person using them. If someone calls you racist, for example, he is actually saying "I am a traitor to my country and my people."

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One day, the perpetrators of the afront against our people will pay for their crimes in full

14 years ago @ The British National P... - BNP Legal Officer Lays... · 0 replies · +1 points

Be absolutely sure that neither the media or the politicians or the CPS will have any interest in this at all, after all Nick Griffin and the rest of us are only seen as bigots and their justice or even their concern won't reach. I would recommend that the BNP, on comng to power, treat scum like this rapper the same as the hate preaching imams.

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After watching Paxman fail to tip over our leader, it is hardly surprising that simple polticians from the three headed hydra are terrified to debate with our man Mr Moffat.

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These people's attitude to us is to believe that we are their cash cow to be farmed as they please. If we could get rid of them tomorrow, it wouldn't be soon enough

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This is something we must correct overnight the moment we come to power