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We can all take comfort in the knowledge that the full resources of the British State are committed to the safety and security of PM Dilyn and his 2 primary dogwalkers.Woof,woof,woof.

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Nice try but wrong on two counts.First,Drakeford has not won a national election but was elected under the same process that gave the UK Corbyn and Starmer.Second,the UK Government is led by Princess Nut Nuts and the SAGE Imperium.

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Drakeford is what the Welshies call a wisser and a wasser.A man who even trainspotters regard as an oddball.Why are these mediocrities running the Welsh Government?

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Henry Newman!!!!! You are having a laugh.Bigly.Almost an EU Ambassador hiding in plain sight.

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They are and it's clear as day to the grassroots whatever the Westminster Tory elite think.The vaccination programme has given us a bounce but the Budget,the NI Protocol,the Lockdown exit and Hancock's Ozymandias complex are all political icebergs to be avoided.

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Much as I want to disagree with you I have a growing sense that the Cabinet would struggle to be classed as a team of all the talents.In sporting terms a half-time reading of the riot act seems timely.

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The Opposition have for whatever reason sought to play politics leading to the charges of hindsight and unpatriotic behaviour.My point is that the Opposition have been too uncritical of SAGE who,arguably,have become a shadow Government.

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The Party and its MP's are quite fortunate to be facing Opposition parties of stunning mediocrity.What has been and remains worrying is that the Government gives the impression that once furlough and other economic relief ends it will gently massage the economy back into a semblance of normality whereas the reality is we are in the placid centre of an economic hurricane yet to strike economic landfall.This is of course of no interest to the unelected,sinecured,pensioned and salary rich members of SAGE,the Westminster elite and the Civil Service in its many guises.

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A 10 year absence from the thoughts of Gauke would be most welcome but perhaps the greatest penal sanction would be for the offending traveller to be made to listen to the speeches of May,Gauke and Hammond on continuous loop.On the other hand could this constitute a new and insidious form of torture?

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BREAKING NEWS: As part of the Government's levelling up agenda 'Tonto' Hancock and 'Hiawatha' Johnson will give every UK town,city and parish their own Covid variant.The licence fee for this privilege will be announced shortly.