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Great pick. A reminder on how well Gibb can "dish it out":

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I think many of the racist/evangelist arguements have value. However, I also think some of these counties have such small populations that 10 voters represents a large percentage.

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I think Delaware's Attorney General, Capt. Beau Biden, should be appointed to fill VP-Elect Biden's senate seat.

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I like Emanuel. He is a behind the scenes arm-twister (what you need for Chief of Staff).

Side note for the Entourage fans out there: Rahm Emanuel's brother is Ari Emanuel, Mark Wahlberg's agent, and often sited as the inspiration for Ari Gold.

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I prefer Hillary Clinton as Majority Leader (sorry Harry Reid)

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California already has one of the strongest Civil Union laws in the nation. But separate is not equal. The argument that "you get Civil Unions but we get Marriage" is strictly religious based and therefore has no place is government.

I would also point out that the civil rights movements of the past were never put to the vote (or they wouldn't passed either). They were judicial actions.

This trend of overturning (or short-circuiting) judicial action via citizen initiated constitutional is a new an DANGEROUS trend. No matter what you feel about marriage you should be alarmed about the precedent of the "majority" restricting the rights of a "minority" in a constitution.

(As for the 2 renewable energy laws they were deeply flawed, locking us in to PARTICULAR types of renewable energy. They were opposed by every major environmental group - including Sierra Club).

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At the time the the Supreme Court struck down the initiative against gay marriage they ordered the state to begin issuing Marriage Licenses. Marriage was enacted via judicial ruling. The licenses began June 17, 2008. Hundreds of couples were married since June.

The legislature did pass a law that was vetoed (twice) but that was a separate action on the way to marriage that occurred prior to the Supreme Courts ruling.

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This was the first time in my history that I voted in the majority on 90 percent of my ballot issues and candidates. (The two candidates I lost on were a city attorney that I had to plug my nose to vote for and a city councilman, who is a gay democrat, but lost to another gay democrat. So all in all, I am ecstatic with the candidates who won.)

I expected to be JUBILANT today. But Prop 8 hurt --- I really feel like they voted against me personally. I know thats not true. The people who know me voted with me - they weren't scared of the "children recruiting" the proponents of 8 so divisively, viciously and inaccurately portrayed in their advertising.

I was nervous it would pass but still shocked that people could vote to take peoples given rights away - I don't think they really know what a slippery slop that is.

I am equally as shocked that the Constitution of California and so many other states can be amended with a simple majority. What is the point of having a 3rd branch of government (the judicial) if you can overrule it so easily? Where is the checks and balances on the majority?

Thank God the U.S. Constitution, and the Massachusetts Constitution for that matter, are better written.

Time will come. "Yes We Can"

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I realize it's a magazine but this is a HUGE endorsement: The Economist :

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I will be 4th row center at Madonna concert. I should have thought twice before buying tickets for election night, but I have a dream of Madonna walking out on stage and announcing "The Next President of the United States is Barack Obama" and as the entire crowd breaks in to a spontaneous cheer of "Yes We Can" she interrupts one more time and announces "and California has decided NOT to discriminate, Prop 8 failed."

(But I am taking the Ohio Congressman's advice and recording Fox News... I really want to save the expression on Hannity and O'Reilly's faces as the results are announced).