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You better believe it, Maher, you sh*tbird. Had you *any* sponsors I would have boycotted the sh*t out of them and written enough letters to choke every Wall Street in-box. Guess why the MAIN REASON I do NOT have cable in my house? Y-O-U!!!

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I *just* woke up from working nights/sleeping days. I AM CRUSHED! NO ANDREW, NO! My brother from another mother.

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Piracy is still piracy, regardless the "high-minded" purpose. Wonder if she ever considered the fact that some of these victims might think the boarders were not unlike Somali pirates and blew her brains out with a 12ga pump?

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Captain Obvious?

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Trying to give a crap in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1... Nope, didn't work this time. I'll have to try much harder to give a crap later today. Hopefully, my sensitivity level will be higher then.

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All of the Republican nominees are letting the media call the tune that they have to dance to. All of them are ignorant in my book to allow their campaigns to be reduced to only one issue which is low on the rank of importance. ONLY ONE THING should be driving their speeches and debates "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID!" Don't let these journ-o-listers make social issues the focus! 1) Economic issues 2) Foreign Policy are the two most important at this time. #3 - Social Issues should (for now) be a very distant third.

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If there's ever been one certainty that the hoi-polloi can understand and rally to is the price of go-juice. This, more than any other thing is the hand-writing on the wall for bammy. He is G-O-N-E!

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The only White House job I'm concerned with is the LOSS of one particular job in November.

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After all these years, I wonder if Hitlery has ever remembered who hired Craig Livingstone? I wonder if she ever figured out who the criminal mastermind was who hid those boxes of Whitewater legal files behind her bedroom door? Hope she has put all of those 900 pilfered FBI files to good use... too bad she didn't have one on bammy...

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bammy will circumvent Congress? Really? That is the "Captain Obvious" statement of the day! DUH!!!!!