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This is my last post! For the record, I was in class but I am not able to view this clip. So I will say my thoughts about class. I feel that Dr. Richards has a valid argument by naming them Christian Invaders. We claim to be over there for so many reasons that it becomes blurred behind religion and other moralistic ideals of what is right. My favorite quote will always be, "Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins." Walk Two Moons is the title of the book that I retrieved this comment from. I will never forget it. Until we can actually place ourselves in the lives and shoes of others we will never understand them. It is ridiculous to assume otherwise. There will come a time when Americans need others to help them. But no one will be able to sympathize with the predicaments we will encounter. We have been unable for quite some time now to engage in an empathetic thought pattern. We always assume others are our enemy, but this is not the case. We need to reach out to others as neighbors, not as enemies. Patriotism should be out the window in this regard. It makes no sense to feel loyalty to a country that can blindly lead a petition to slaughter people who think and feel as we do. And for what? Nothing. Oil. The atrocities those people have endured at the hands of Americans is disgusting and extremely unnecessary. We do too much for a cause we don't even know enough about. So to the population of the Middle East, we have portrayed this hostile takeover as holy. As right and Christian. But it is far from right. It is even farther from being Christ-like. The Jesus I know is a loving God. He is a friend to all. No matter what belief system a person holds, they must come to that love on their own accord. There is no such thing as aggressive love with God. One cannot be forced to follow him. It still negates the belief, if it is forced or feigned. So, the intentions of Christians in the Middle East is appalling to say the least. It is a shame that Iraqis and others are seeing God portrayed as the destroyer of their families and homes. The bringer of troops from far away lands who steal, kill, and destroy everything in their path. The God they represent is the Devil incarnate.The love of God is above reproach. I know the feelings I get from knowing He exists and the feelings of fear and grief do not ever enter into the equation God has set forth. There is nothing more to say about these invaders. I do not ever like to judge a person. But the messages they deliver by their actions are far from the messages I have heard about a God who may be jealous but is not quick to condemn those who do not know him. I die inside with the message they are sending to those people who just want to live love and pursue their dreams. Bye blog, bye Soc. Goodnight and Good luck.

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I agree that the census does not look easy. In all honesty, I try to avoid it. I hate that they might be knocking on my dorm door to ask me what color I am and all that junk. I guess it matters, but I really do not see how. I mean it would be impossible to try and define Americans by racial categories. Yet we have legislators who think it is possible and that is just ridiculous. There are so many blends of heritage color and culture taht to even think we can come close is ludicrous! America knows what America needs. Wait, that is even more ridiculous. Even when America knows it still does nothing to improve its livability for all. I think its ridiculous that ten questions can make you "feel counted." We are in a place withe three hundred million other people. It is a daunting task to want to count us all. And the question about Negroes is not offensive. I do not believe that there are still people who refer to themselves as it, but alright. A person knows what they are and if they do not view the term offensively, why should we? I know I would be somewhat upset, but it is nothing I cannot fall back to sleep over. No harm, no foul as they say. I would be angrier if my category did not exist then if it existed with a term from 1855. It does not matter in the grand scheme of things. Census people need to work on a census that will ensure most major groups are recognized in a way that allows for freedom to choose among groups. Whatever that means, I do not know. All I know is that we all have blends of heritage in us so we can restrict ourselves to the census and be counted or we could be missed and excluded. But liberated. Which makes no sense. Who wants to be liberated in exile? Laugh out loud because that is a hilarious statement. Who would really want to be free somewhere that does not care about your freedom? I always knew what to put on a bubble sheet, but I always wondered what the black and white or mixed girl put on hers. You are not allowed to bubble two you know? So what should one put. I agree that the census is not easy. But it does not have to be difficult either. It is what it is. Plain and simple. Most People do not do it anyway, which opens up another can of nasty worms. The census is meant to be a resource initiator, not a count of every specific racial category. It does not make sense no matter what the purpose. It is an unrealistic sheet of paper, that says it has a purpose of good but stirs up drama every four or ten years. Who remembers the last census? In all seriousness, who really gives a damn? In the end, it does not really matter. Sam said it. We will all be dead anyway someday!

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I could give the usual song and dance about how degrading and demoralizing this is. But I don't want to go down that path. But imagine this one. A young girl walks away from her home to board the subway. She could be from New York, Seattle, D.C. or even Tokyo. She is unaware of the man who has been following her. She is just trying to visit a friend who lives a little further away. She gets on the subway. He follows. She sits. He stands near her. She is listening to music on her Ipod. She is unaware of his stares, the thoughts of her body that go through his mind. She still has four stops to go. He doesn't know this though. So he waits. If not patient, then at least silent. He can imagine how sweet she might taste in his head. His other head responds. The girl gets off at her stop. He follows. She is unaware. Now is the moment. As she leaves the station he grabs her. He pulls her somewhere dark, threats of death on his tongue. She is frozen with fear; bile rises in her throat. She is helpless. As he forces himself into her she cannot think past the pain. It aches, it hurts and it scars her in more places than one. He is done with her now. The thoughts of her smell, her sweetness were reinforced with every plunge inside of her. He is reveling in his find. He has stolen the innocence of a young girl. She was going to visit her friend. But, as he runs away, that is not the thought in his mind. He is on the prowl again. As the girl lifts her battered body from the ground, she stumbles and falls. Blood pours from her lip, nose and somewhere deeper. She manages to pull out her cell phone. She dials her friend and tells her to come. Come out and meet her. She calls the police. They promise an ambulance will arrive shortly. She swallows past the lump in her throat. She calls her friend again, just to make sure she is close. She is still somewhere near the subway after all. Her friend arrives. The police also. As she rides to the hospital the emergency technicians ask her name. She gives it. They cannot see the full extent of the damages. At the hospital, you are called. You are given meager information. Better yet, they tell you nothing and everything in the same sentence. Please come to the hospital. _______is here. You are the parent, correct? That is right, you are the parent. Now, as you rush to see your little girl, or big girl, or white black asain puerto rican italian irish native american brown indian girl you are in shock. When you find out what has happened, you are outraged. Your heart cries out for revenge. Now the question remains: How do you feel about a game that simulates these acts that have occurred, the innocence that has been shattered, the grandchildren you will never see? That is the question...

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I think nothing will ever be answered if we are not even open to discussing it. That is the problem with so many of us today. We are not willing to open our minds and our hearts to questions. Whichever issues seem to haunt us, we have problems facing them. We have even more problems facing other people's issues. We cannot seem to wrap our head around other people's problems. That is ethnocentrism. We see ourselves as all-encompassing and more important than others. When we take the time to really look and consider the plight's of our neighbors, only then can we see beyond ourselves and realize that it is a necessary and beautiful thing to help someone in need. Especially when they are a part of our towns and communities. Even more so when they are friends of our children and are the future we want to see shining beyond us. We need to let go of bias ideals and open up to the real parts of others. We need to learn to accept people as they are and see the beauty in them. We cannot continue to head down a path of hate, bigotry, and violence. I know talks of periods aren't violent but they did cause an uproar. WE need to eliminate taboos that take a grip on society and plague it for years and years. We are to elite and technologically savvy to be ensnared by these superstitions. We have to come to terms with all facets of our reality and make sense of others and ourselves. We have to make the change because as we grow we teach lessons to the young and they look up to us and follow us. These lessons need to be all-encompassing and help us reach them in a way that they can learn to accept others without stigmas and prejudice. We have a long way to go yet. But, if we work together to reach common goals, it will be possible. We need to come together with mutual love and respect for one another and discuss differences. The only way anything is ever resolved is with communication among members. When will we begin to communicate effectively with one another and start to solve the problems that plague us? Ethnocentrism will only lead to more hate which begets more hate. It is a super extremely deadly cycle. It is not healthy and cannot help solve any issues we have. This form of bias is so extreme in many people. If we are in fact just average, why won't anyone see their culture as just average. Who gave us the right to feel superior to another being, or culture? Why can't we see the equality in ourselves and realize that the only things that place us above animals is the quality of our minds. Which we still can't use to wrap our heads around our own stubborn nature. It is pathetic.

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These incidences near Congress goes to show our nation how much growing up needs to be done by our citizens. It is ridiculous that we live in a world where people feel that much hatred toward our lawmakers. What is so bad about a law that wants everyone to have access to healthcare? I am not a very political person. I know that the rights I have are not guaranteed to everyone everywhere, but I am grateful for the rights I do have. These protestors, if that is what they call themselves have taken things too far by using derogatory remarks towards the representatives. Nigger, though? Seriously. That word is getting so outplayed. It is only effective if the person lets it become offensive. F**got too!? Like get real. Get totally real! It is so easy to be offensive and bigoted in a near mob of people. I know if those losers did not have their signs and hatred, they would be naked. It is a shame that Rep. Lewis had to go back more than 30 years, double that actually to remember the hatred of this group of people. The sad thing is these people are not above the age of 50. They were not around during his time. They grew up with the hatred from their parents. It is sickening how hatred begets hatred. The threat of violence and the hatred should not prevent the lawmakers from doing what is right by their constituents. We have come too far in this day and age to let the animosity and ignorance of a party hinder us from the goals we have set forth to accomplish. I do not know if I could have handled myself well after being spit on. It would have been a total wrap for whoever had the balls to just spit on me. Where I am from that is one of the most disgusting things you can do to a person. It is nasty and vile, and just foul. I know that the laws will upset some people, but there has to be a better outlet for the rage they feel over health care. Protests are legal! But all in good form. The best voice heard is one with reason. If those that are upset cannot see outside their own hatred, how can they attract others to their cause? It is ridiculous to act like a 4 year old in the Capitol of America because they did not see the result they wanted. It goes to show how weak minded some individuals can be. It is a shame that this is the year 2010, not 1958. I think the men and women who are behaving as if we are in the past need informed about this time change!

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I agree with everyone who is disgusted by this travesty. Why shouldn't a girl be allowed to take her date to prom? Why should she not be allowed to wear what she wants? I remember prom: and all my memories are happy ones. It was an awesome time. No one should be robbed of their opportunity to go. I can remember joking with friends about not having a guy date. I told my friends that I would simply dress up in a tuxedo and take a girl friend with me. It is so simple to k=joke about something that doesn't directly impact you. I don't identify as gay and I now realize my simplicity in wanting to have someone, anyone, as a date would have been refused by many school officials. This also reminds me of a dance in which a white female student wanted to attend with a black male. The uproar this caused was ridiculous. This girl was in tears because of her aunt's refusal to have anything to do with paying for the dance. Her reason was "Your father would not approve!" I cannot believe that this school board faced pressure from "fathers" when making their decision. If anything they need to confront their own biased ways. I can also vividly remember one of my favorite teachers saying that by the end of this decade, our school would see a same-sex couple attend prom. Although this has not come to fruition yet, I hope I am in attendance at the grand march when it does occur. It is ridiculous that this school canceled a WHOLE prom over a simple request. I wouldn't hate Constance if she were my peer. I would eagerly stand alongside her in support of her date and choice of attire. It is the year 2010. There are things that should have long ago been done away with. People in high places with bigotry in their hears is just one tiny part of the problem. Until we can place ourselves in the shoes of a girl who cannot take her date to prom, we will never be able to see past the initial predicament. I can understand her plight and I know that with the support of those around her, Constance will find a better place to be on what should have been one of the most spectacular nights of her life. I hope the school is sued for their reprehensible behavior towards a simple prom request. My friends and I still talk about the fun and excitement of prom. I would love to attend again! Imagine how this girl feels because of the views of several men and women. It is a shame that she cannot take her girlfriend to prom. Prom is about dancing, dressing up, and having fun. There are so many aspects of prom that could be addressed by many school districts. This is not one of them. This story is important to read about but is also ridiculous because it should now be an archaic topic in 2010.

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I feel as if there may not be much we can do as individuals. It is hard to achieve anything in a solitary manner. One needs to unite with people who share the same goal and interests as they do. It is only when we unite with others that we find we can reach or even exceed our goals. I don't feel as if Dr. Richards wants us all to jump up drop out of college and devote our lives to Native American rights (although this would be a worthy and noble cause, indeed!) I feel as if he wants us to know! Be informed! Be conscious, aware consumers of what was fed to us from such an early age. No tales of genocide were ever spoken about! Here? In America! NOooo! Not in my land! But yes! Your land! Or our land, whichever you prefer. Or even better still, their land! Yes sir, it is their land. By knowing this and opening your mind to the far off concept that millions of people were slaughtered to obtain this, is one small way any individual can make a difference. Dr. Richards kept repeating the fact that this is red land. This is not only the color of their skin, but the color of their blood. Their blood was poured back into the earth by men of a different color, in order to spread their resources and form their own society. We have completely neglected these people. Dr. Richards wants us to realize this blazing hole in the fabric of the American flag. We have cast aside a whole group of people and said they are not important. Their problems don't exist. We killed their forefathers with guns. And now we will kill their future generations with poison. Not a literal poison. But a poison that is generated and fueled by hate, ignorance and indifference. WE CANNOT LET THIS CONTINUE. I feel that the average student, joe the plumber, whomever, should know this: JUST BY KNOWING WHAT WAS DONE WE HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE! Not a profound superb difference, but one nonetheless. We have changed our thought pattern. Changing of thoughts usually leads to a changing of actions. The actions of everyone's fathers has left us with this hole in our souls. What can be done to repair the damage. LOOK AT THE DAMAGE THAT WE HAVE ALL CAUSED! That is what Dr. Richards wants. We have to see past ourselves, past the blame game. We need to take ownership of this plight and help Native Americans out of the mire and filth we did not hesitate to put them in. It starts with one. A common purpose can unite a people. The settlers had a common purpose bent on destruction of a people. We need to have a common goal of raising them up to the people they once were, before we tried to obliterate them and their heritage.

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I agree with Mrs. Mulvey that the conversation is seldom focused on other races of people who have also had to struggle for equality. The blood of our fathers and grandfathers was poured into the foundation of America, and there came a time when we refused to put up with it anymore. I say 'we' meaning black people, African-American, Coloreds, Negros...whatever! I rarely include myself along with my people before me who have struggled to afford me the opportunities I so grandiosely take for granted. The story ALWAYS changes to black and white because that is what people are accustomed to seeing and dealing with. I know other racial minorities have struggled to belong in this society. But none have struggled so vividly in the spotlight of America. YES, THEY HAVE STRUGGLED, MAYBE EVEN MORE SO THAN BLACKS. But these racial groups struggled at a time when little could be done. They struggled when no one cared to look. They struggled individually. Black people came together as a unit, a single overwhelming force against racism and bias and hate. Think back forty fifty or even sixty years. There were so many injustices in the plight of black people. Then they decided not to take the bullshit anymore. It was 1940, 1950, 1960...each of these begins with nineteen. It truly was not that long ago. I feel that black and white will always be an issue among those who can't live in the now. It is an issue worthy of discussion, but has become overdone. The meat of the issue has been overcooked and that never leaves a pleasant taste in anyone's mouth. We can discuss black and white as the day is long but we will not find answers because there are none. For the record, I love white people. I love the 'brightness' they can bring to a room. I love the white people in my life that make me enjoy being alive. I am not color blind. I simply live and love as I should-without bitterness or hatred towards anyone. I live with the incredible belief that the past was the past for the reason. My future rests upon the souls who fought for me to be here and those who fought to keep me away. Which future will I fulfill? Because in the end, it is not what you are called but what you answer to. Also in the end, it doesn't even matter. We all die. Black and white and gray and purple and red and yellow. WE DIE. Death is not the focal point of this submission. It should serve as a reminder to live in the now, Not to be caught up in the rehashing of things past. White people feel guilty. Black people need someone to blame. WOW! We all fall down. Nobody is perfect. In my quest to reach four hundred and fifty words that no one will read I have become enlightened. I miss my boyfriend. He is, by the way, white. And awesome! <3

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My friend, who is Nigerian, went to see Avatar and loved it. I question the love she would show if she thought the movie was about "white messiahs" coming to rescue the savages? I have not seen Avatar, so all of this is coming from no first-hand knowledge of the film. I think that this man Brooks has a point, however bizarre. EVERYTHING CANNOT BE LEFT TO THE WHITE MAN TO FIX! I don't think this is a great solution to anything. We already give white people enough power. Seriously, it's ridiculous to think about the power and prestige that comes with that pale color. On a different note, we cannot blame the white man every time an issue is unbalanced or needs solved. It is preposterous to think a white man can solve complex issues based on skin color alone.
I also have never seen any of the other movies with so called "white messiahs," except Pocahontas. I can recall vaguely loving and hating this movie at the same time. I loved the songs, but I do remember abhorring the settlers for coming and pillaging the land; stripping it bare and trying to kill off the Native Americans. Then came John Smith, who tried to be helper to all, while falling in love with the "enemy." This seems like more of a theme then the white messiah. Why is it that the white messiah has to fall for the "other kind" in order to want to do something? Why is this seen as strange? This connection, whether love or whatever they call it in these fictional tales, seems to be a stronger motivator than the so-called white messiah. It seems to me that the reason that the white man is at odds with his "homeland" is because of the difference love has had upon him, not because he views the alter life as totally better. In a way, he may have a point. Love is supposed to have the power to change things. If it can change the white man into a messiah, well love on!
I think if the white man knew he was held in such high regard he would crack under the pressure of having to perform and save so many. It may seem like a racist point of view, but I don't think the white man is made of the materials required to lead under pressure effectively. A black woman would be far more appropriate in this situation, laugh out loud!
Who can take this seriously? I mean after all it is a movie, it has made millions, and at the end of the day I am still as penniless after writing this as I will remain. James Cameron did something right, and if he used the white man to get there, then that is something worth applauding! Because, frankly, when can you ever get away with using the "white man" to get ahead?